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Trump restores bust of Winston Churchill to White House

Trump restores bust of Winston Churchill to White House

That didn’t take long.

The removal of a bust of Winston Churchill from the White House was one of Obama’s earliest moves to demote the special relationship with Britain. It was symbolic in so many ways, and served as the gateway drug for his world apology tour to follow.

Just as symbolic is that on his first day in office, President Donald J. Trump restored the bust to the White House, as shown in this Tweet from an NBC correspondence:

The return was previously arranged at Trump’s request to Britain.


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Good. And hopefully, we’ll see a return to the special relationship as well.

This president has a soul.

Interestingly, the British have recently bought Reynolds Tobacco and Signature Flight Support – a major FBO [Fixed Base Operator] which provides aviation fuel and services to airports all across the U.S. It’s like the British Invasion all over again…