While I am not a fan of football, unlike Meryl Steep, I can respect those who love the game.

So, when it came to voting whether to approve a tax hike to fund a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers last November, I asked the San Diego team of independent conservative bloggers for their opinions. They all said, “No!”.

As W.C Varones noted, “I am so sick of the Chargers and the Padres holding up the taxpayers for subsidies and then fielding horrible teams.”

Now, the owners of our football team have formally announced the move to Los Angeles that they have been threatening for years.

Chargers chairman Dean Spanos was in no mood to reflect Thursday morning after officially announcing his plans to move the franchise to Los Angeles after 56 seasons as San Diego’s pro football team.

…The Chargers quickly changed their Twitter name and showed off a new Dodgers-like logo, although the team is continuing to use its traditional lightning logo for now.

To say that city officials were unhappy would be an understatement. Their frustration at the Spanos-style of negotiation was evident at the press conference discussing the move.

Political leaders in San Diego disputed Goodell’s claim in a news conference. Mayor Kevin Faulconer said the Chargers rejected every offer, including one made just a few weeks ago.

“At the end of the day, the Chargers wanted a lot more taxpayer money than we could ever agree to,” Faulconer said.

“We could not support a deal that is not in the best interest of San Diego,” the mayor said. “Dean Spanos made a bad decision and he will regret it. San Diego didn’t lose the Chargers. The Chargers just lost San Diego.”

Other area officials were harsher in their assessments.

City Councilman Scott Sherman said the ownership was a problem throughout the whole process, and they never gave a straight answer to anything.

It’s good to see California politicians who care about how they spend taxpayer dollars. They are so rare, I am recommending that they be formally placed on the Endangered Species list.

How do San Diegans feel about the development? For some of us, it’s a lot of MEH, as The Liberator Today explains:

The impending move of the Chargers to Los Angeles has left with me with a so what feeling. I lost emotional connection with them a few years back. I had no intention of supporting another hold-up of the city finances.

The only silver lining is that maybe we will have incentive to figure out how to make stadiums profitable without football teams. If that problem could be solved, we could build stadiums and not get soaked on the deal.

However, some fans were devastated.

Some were in tears, including grown men.

And then, one by one, fans began throwing down their Chargers jerseys, t-shirts and hats, right in front of the building.

Many fans are even getting their logo tattoos removed!

Additionally, the Chargers should not expect a warm welcome in LA.

We. Don’t. Want. You.

The news broke Wednesday that Chargers owner Dean Spanos has informed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell he is moving the team to Los Angeles, which is pretty much dreadful news for Los Angeles.

Wow, just what we need, the return of a professional sports team with no buzz, no tradition, few local fans north of south Orange County, limited success, and an owner who just stole them away from a place where they were loved unconditionally for 56 years.

The NFL has had quite a year, between foundering ratings and several team relocations. I’m just hoping the Super Bowl ads are good, that there are no costume malfunctions on the performers, and that the Padres have a good year.