Hollywood is on a roll this week. First Meryl Streep‘s fabulously tone deaf anti-Trump diatribe, now, former co-host of The View Rosie O’Donnell is using social media to spew profanity-laced, ill-informed, opinions about Speaker Paul Ryan.

According to The Hill:

The tweet came as a reply to one from “Strangers With Candy” actress Sarah Thyre, who dropped the F-bomb in her own post about Ryan, writing, “Dear @SpeakerRyan: F— you. Love, me and @pussyrrriot,” along with a video called “Straight Outta Vagina.”

She sent the tweets as Ryan presided over a joint session of Congress to verify Electoral College votes and a day after the Speaker announced GOP lawmakers would move to cut federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

O’Donnell’s entire Twitter feed is unhinged, included the plea to delay Trump’s swearing, pinned at the top of her Twitter account:

She asserted Trump has a “severe mental illness” and should seek immediate “hep”:

Her Twitter account is full of tweets yelling things like, “DELAY THE INAUGURATION — INVESTIGATE”:

This little gem is particularly nutty:


I get it. I don’t like Trump either. But like him or not, voters chose him. He will be our next president for better or worse, but pretending he won’t be sworn in and begin working from the Oval Office is bordering on delusional.

If there was ever an election that drew clear boundaries bewteen coastal elites and the rest of the country, this one was it.

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