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Katy Tur: Trump Tried to Pull Me Onstage To Wave Like ‘a Wife or Something’

Katy Tur: Trump Tried to Pull Me Onstage To Wave Like ‘a Wife or Something’

Trump introduced Tur to his execs: ‘Katy Tur: wonderful, the best reporter!’

Of all the reporters with whom Donald Trump sparred during his campaign, a favorite target was NBC’s Katy Tur. Trump called Tur out by name more than once, as here and here.

So it was fascinating to hear Tur, appearing on today’s Morning Joe, report that Trump was very friendly to her behind the scenes. She described two anecdotes. In the first, said Tur, Trump tried to pull her up on the stage to wave to the crowd “as if I was his wife or something.”

She also described running into Trump on his Turnberry, Scotland golf course, and Trump introducing her to his corporate and golf executives as a “great reporter, She is wonderful. She’s the best reporter.” Tur said Trump eventually caught himself, adding “sometimes.”

KATY TUR: Even at the tensest moments between me and the campaign, reporting on leaks and reporting on holding him accountable for some of the things he said, behind the scenes when I would run into him he was overwhelmingly friendly, sometimes to a point where it took me aback.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: He tried to pull you up with family.

TUR: We were in Atlanta and I can’t remember what the exact report was but this was outside of Atlanta. Back in 2015. It’s early on. And they were upset at me about something, they weren’t really answering my phone calls too much. And Donald Trump comes out, he talks to the media. At that point he was talking to us all the time. He sees me in the crowd — a small crowd — and he tries to literally grab me and pull me up on stage essentially with him so he could introduce me to the waving crowd. I was thinking to myself: this is very weird, and uncomfortable. As if I was his wife or something, like wave! So there is a variety of —

. . .

This is a great story. Because we are in Scotland. It’s the day of the Brexit vote or the day after, the day before — I don’t know, one of the two. And he’s on his Scotland golf course, Turnberry, and I happen to stay on the golf course to do live shots. I’m the only reporter there. And lo and behold, Trump comes by on his golf cart with the Secret Service and with a number of his executives—Trump organization executives and his golf executives—and he sees me and he waves me over. He is like, “Katy, Katy Tur: great reporter. She is wonderful! She’s the best reporter. Everyone: meet Katy!” And then he caught himself: “sometimes.”


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Does Keith Olbermann’s girlfriend have much credibility? Not with me.

I like that as t keeps clowns like this off guard as they aren’t sure who they are dealing with 🙂


She despises Trump. If Secret Service wasn’t there she would have accused him of some sort of improper behavior.
Trump was just being nice. People who know him say he’s very charming one on one. Tut ha zero credibility.

She’s a special snowflake

Maybe he tried to grab her …..

Sorry I could not resist. 🙂

Katy Tur without a doubt despises Trump.

Haven’t any of these people known real life real estate promoters/salesmen? I’ve known quite a few, most of them have public personalities like Trump. Most are less crude, but some are worse – I get that Trump picked up his abrasiveness from being involved in the take-no-prisoners New York real estate market the last 40 years. It’s a tough business, only tough players survive there.

You can love it, or you can hate it, it’s best just to tolerate it, because it’s how people with that kind of personality act. They don’t usually even mean anything by it, it’s just what they do. So what?

Somebody sounds disappointed that she didn’t get grabbed by the, ahhh, whatever.

Trump’s wives have all been much better looking and have more class than Ms. Tur.

Did her surname originally end with a D?

So next time, keep her off stage, and out of the White Press circle altogether.

The further away Trump keeps people in the corrupt media, the better off he’ll be. Let any of them in, and they’ll turn on him.

Fortunately, Trump is not dumb like that rat McCain.

    Ragspierre in reply to valegorge. | January 13, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    I didn’t choose my parents. None of us do. But I would have been relatively happy to have had a dad who saved 54 people, regardless of this various other stuff.

    Stick your LOL where it don’t appear on camera.

      MarkSmith in reply to Ragspierre. | January 14, 2017 at 10:08 pm

      She’s a flake, just like her dad (well kinda dad). Yes, he did something right and saved people. Still does not prevent her from being a flake or for that matter him/her (or whatever the correct pronoun is). Maybe his daughter drove him crazy, thus causing the change.

Her boyfriend is Keith Olbermann. Nuf said!!!

Good cans -that’s behind it.