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Hollywood libs discover the Constitution

Hollywood libs discover the Constitution

Just a couple of years ago, taking such an oath would have been career death in Hollywood.

Remember when Tea Party participants were mocked for carrying copies of the Constitution?

In 2010, The Hill reported:

Demand for copies of the U.S. Constitution is skyrocketing.

The increased interest comes amid the rise of the Tea Party movement and as both parties cite the Constitution to advance their agendas.

The pocket edition of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence ranked 10th on the Government Printing Office’s (GPO) best-seller list in March.

Since September 2009, the GPO has sold more than 8,700 copies of the pocket Constitution to the public, according to GPO spokesman Gary Somerset. That is a higher sell rate than in recent years.

Those sales are in addition to the thousands of copies given to members of Congress each year. Congress authorized a resolution in 2009 to print 441,000 copies for the use of the House (1,000 for each member) and 100,000 copies for the Senate (1,000 for each senator).

The Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute, which keep statistics on the Constitution, also say that requests for the historical document are on the rise.

When the Constitution was just for Tea Party patriots, it was called an old and confusing by liberal journalists like Ezra Klein:

The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein appeared on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown, Thursday, to mock the incoming Republicans for their stated fixation on the Constitution, asserting that the document is rather old and “confusing.” MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell dismissed the GOP effort as “lip service” and wondered if it was a “gimmick.”

After playing clips of Republicans claiming they would reject legislation that couldn’t be justified constitutionally, Klein complained, “The issue of the Constitution is that the text is confusing because it was written more than 100 years ago and what people believe it says differs from person to person and differs depending on what they want to get done.”

College administrators were happy to shred copies of the Constitution when asked:

Now liberals have discovered the Constitution in it’s full breadth (not just the imagined *abortion* part) because Trump. After the Trump-Khan feud, liberals began to embrace handing out pocket Constitutions:

The American Civil Liberties Union has started giving away pocket versions of the U.S. Constitution after the father of a fallen American soldier offered Donald Trump his copy during his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

On Friday, the group announced that miniature pamphlets of the United States’ guiding framework would be available for free until Election Day on Nov. 8.

The ACLU also started a movement to have liberals take an oath, on Inauguration Day, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, with political statements after that oath:

Hollywood star Debra Messing took the oath and posted it on Twitter:

So did other celebrities (see the wall-of-us Twitter account which is posting them).

And the cast of Hamilton:

Of course, just a couple of years ago, taking such an oath publicly would have been career death in Hollywood, or Broadway:


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Messing: “Wait – it says what??!!”

casualobserver | January 21, 2017 at 10:53 am

For entertainers the motivation is closer to what high school kids feel than something more genuine. It’s an effort to show bona fides and be in the right group.

I’m a little surprised to see Bialik in the mix. I don’t follow stars but I thought at times during the last 8 years she showed she wasn’t on board with some of the progressive ideas. Maybe she wants to get back in with the cool kids?

Let’s have a fully uniformed Military officer show up at their front doors this am and inform them they’ve committed themselves to military service. With a hidden camera to view the hilarity that ensues…

    The military is for self-defense. Send in the social justice adventurists to promote progressive wars, extra-judicial trials, refugee crises, anti-nativism, and abortion rites.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | January 21, 2017 at 10:53 am

This would be a hopeful sign but for the Left’s tendency to twist word definitions to meet their political goals. Examples: They now refer to words and language they don’t like as “violence”. They refer to abortion as “women’s health”. A man can be a woman simply by pretending he is one.

It’s a post reality world so I assume they will pretend the Constitution means what they wish it to mean, not what it meant when everybody agreed on the definitions of words.

LOL, virtue signaling by the left.

They have perverted or ignored everything in the constitution and will continue to do so.

Talk, talk talk.

Virtue signal, virtue signal, virtue signal.

Get them in private, then hear what they say.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The twilight fantasy, abortion rites, and [class] diversity (e.g. racism, sexism, “=”) are incompatible with the American constitution.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion

Religious/moral philosophy. At least establish a moral philosophy that can be reconciled with moral and natural imperatives. Separation of Pro-Choice Church and State.

I, too have taken an oath to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution. It was my Military Enlistment, nearly 50 years ago, and is still in effect. Big difference with the left coast alarmists, I mean every word!

    DaveGinOly in reply to Romey. | January 21, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    I fee the same way about my oath, taken in 1974. When the subject comes up with other ex-military I ask them, “Were you ever released from your oath?” I know I wasn’t!

As a founding member of the local San Diego Tea Party group, I would like to personally welcome Ms. Messing aboard.

    SoCA Conservative Mom in reply to Leslie Eastman. | January 21, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    Someone aboard the USS Constitution is going to be very surprised the words therein don’t mean what she thinks they mean.

    Anyone taking bets the oath takers haven’t actually read the entire Constitution?

It’s partly virtue-signaling.

But it’s more a continuation of the straw-man attacks which have characterized both the Dems and—even more—the Never Trump types since the start of the campaign.

They pretend that Trump said things which he didn’t; then they pretend that these things he didn’t say establish him as—

—A racist;

—A sexist;

—A misogynist;

—A patsy in a crafty Russian plan to discredit, ahh, something-or-other;

—The King of the Deplorables;

—A barbarian who’s champing at the bit for a chance to shred the Constitution [this is the one they’re pushing now; explaining their postures as Paladins who will defend the … what’s it called, again? Oh right, the Constitution … to the death, and to prove it they have this copy right here, which they haven’t actually read yet, but they will, fer sure];

—A shape-shifting carnivorous alien blob who turns humans into Slurpees and sucks ’em down when nobody’s watching [they haven’t gotten to this one yet; probably saving it for next week, when nothing marvelous happens with all the Constitution groupie-ism].

All very convincing … if you’re six years old. They still haven’t admitted to themselves that not enough US voters are six-year-olds, any more than they’ve admitted that the election was three months ago, and all they’re protesting now is the voting procedure specified by that Constitution they’re pretending to admire.

Glad to know they now respect the Second Amendment and all those other “pesky” things in that Constitution…

    shall not be infringed.

    You mean I can’t have the edging of hanging threads on my vest gun to look cool? Well darn it all.

Allow me to state upfront that although an atheist, I am what you would call “pro-life” (and the funny thing is, my atheism led me there). But when you make the argument that abortion as a right is neither found in, nor protected by, the US Constitution, you’re making two fundamental mistakes. (Note I am not asserting that abortion is a right, I’m asserting that your argument against abortion as a right is flawed.)

In the first instance, it’s a constitution of government; it dictates what powers government has and specifically names some disabilities. Some of those disabilities are found in the Bill of Rights, but even the BOR is not the source of the disabilities, the lack of authority in the organic Constitution is the source. (Please see the preamble to the BOR.)

In the second instance, you’re making a mistake of interpretation that opponents of the BOR feared – the raising of arguments against claims of rights because they are not enumerated in the BOR. The Ninth Amendment was intended to defeat that argument (and I think it does an admirable job).

Anyone who looks to the Constitution for any of their rights is looking in the wrong place; it is not the source.

This getting downright scary! First the liberals are buying guns & ammo after learning President Trump wins the election, then they start taking an oath to uphold the constitution.

Next we’ll start seeing the men stop wearing lipstick and the women give up their lady lovers. Where will this insanity end? With families and honest work? Dang…. !

BTW, you can get an Constitution app for your smart phone so you don’t have to carry around a paper copy. Nice and convenient.

We have several SCOTUS justices who can find the rights of a unicorn in the Constitution, so color me not impressed.

F’ celebrities

I want to see the looks on their faces when they can’t find “abortion” or LGTBQRXFYZKPW anywhere in the text.

Messing is…a mess. A typical Hollywood ignorant, arrogant hysteric that needs to be marginalized and ignored.

Until the fed stops funding schools universities that indoctrinate children to leftist insanity, and until the White House marginalizes leftist corporate media, and until the Congress ends funding to leftist cabals like the NEA, PBS, NPR, etc., don’t look for sane change, but rather the on-going call of ex-president Chelsea Obama to “Make America Hate Again.”

Messing is…a mess. A typical Hollywood ignorant, arrogant attention-starved narcissistic hysteric who needs to be boycotted, marginalized and otherwise ignored.

Until the fed stops funding schools universities that indoctrinate children to leftist insanity, and until the White House marginalizes leftist corporate media in the press room, and until the Congress ends funding to leftist cabals like the NEA, PBS, NPR, etc., don’t look for sane change, but rather the on-going call of ex-president Chelsea Obama to “Make America Hate Again.”

BTW, hopefully some Russian hacker steals hand-raising Messinng’s fingerprint, and thus her ID, to keep her busy for a while:

“Careful, your fun peace sign selfie may lead to identity theft:”

Slightly OT. Since this whole election process, from the very beginning, has been for the left ‘all Godwin all the time,’ I was impressed by the contrast between media comments during and about the inauguration, laced with references to fascism and Hitler, and the treatment of the ‘Women’s March.’

The Women’s March has organizational and rhetorical trappings of which Goebbels would be deeply envious. That our esteemed media can’t see what’s right in front of them is not surprising.

We will never see the lib-feared (and way over-hyped) ‘brown shirts.’ Pink Shirts, OTH…

If they actually read it, maybe they’ll understand exactly how lawless the Obama administration really was.

These morons have been telling one another that Trump plans to govern in an unconstitutional fashion.

What I have heard so far is long on invective and short on specifics, so I honestly do not know what the hell they are talking about.

Of course, these poor, fainting flowers have been goblbling up the outright lies that originated with the Clinton Campaign and were carried by our corrupt media. Maybe they believe that nonsense uncritically.

My biggest issue with liberals and their embracing of the Constitution is, they think it’s a “living” document, subject to re-interpretation of what it says.

    Things that ‘live,’ also die.

    Amazing how we have allowed the left to train our young to accept even the dumbest idea on its face.

    But then, look who we voted in to fight for our country: the Crying Boehners.

So after appealing to Electors to subvert the constitution, they take an oath to support and defend it?

    When it comes to critical thinking, these people could not find their ass in the dark with both hands.

    If they did not receive a morning email or watch MSNBC or CNN for how to think, they would get out of bed in the morning and spend the day walking in circles.

    They are in a cult. Their narcissism and their egos are way too out of control for them to ever admit how foolish they’ve been, and how dumb the ideas they’ve adopted are. These are the adult versions of the malignant snowflakes our leftist schools have been allowed to create.

    Messing is on Narcissist City’s ‘Team Hollywood’ – not Team America. She has no idea why. Surprised she isn’t showing of her participation trophies.

Funny thing, I’ve taken an oath to boycott her and the other whackos in Hollyweird. I bet I keep my longer.

Henry Hawkins | January 21, 2017 at 6:17 pm

Rejoice. You are seeing the beginning of the left’s existentially necessary move to the right. Expect them to also get religion in the near future.

Henry Hawkins | January 21, 2017 at 6:18 pm


The ACLU vid represents a transparently expedient, self-serving, self-aggrandizing faux patriotism that is as shallow as the lemming groupthink narcissists featured in it.

It is decidedly not courageous to re-discover “patriotism” (or, more accurately, what passes for Hollywood twits’ perception of it — faux displays of “patriotism” as Leftist fashion statement and sign of “resistance”) when it is now in fashion, when the elitist masses are moving with the prevailing winds of Leftist thought to condemn the latest perceived “social justice” outrage du jour — what would have been truly courageous would have been for these grandstanding, self-promiting imbeciles to have stood up for the Constitution during Obama’s repeated trampling of it, to denounce him for the IRS’s targeting of conservatives, to criticize Obama’s cowardly and morally warped refusal to condemn fascist Islam and the reality of daily life in Islamic countries around the world and its horrific treatment of gays, women and religious minorities, to stand up to the Black Lives Matter agitators and their vicious slander and lies and defend law enforcement officers — that would have been courageous.

I find myself thinking of some lines from FINIAN’S RAINBOW:

Sharon McLonergan: . . . a wee book . . . called ‘The United States Constitution.’
Finian McLonergan: Haven’t you read it?
Senator Billboard Rawkins: I don’t have time to read it! I’m too busy defending it!

These idiots haven’t read it; they’re too busy paying lip service to it.