What should comes as a warning to America, Germany is losing control of its streets thanks to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy of uncontrolled migration. Details have emerged of coordinated sexual assaults in Berlin, bringing back the memories of last year’s mass sexual assaults in the city of Cologne.

Berlin Police initially downplayed the crimes, speaking of just 6 isolated cases. With just eight months to go for German elections, Merkel’s government does not want negative press around its “Refugee Welcome” policy. Sexual attacks by migrants gangs took place just two weeks following the Berlin Christmas market attack by a Tunisian “refugee” that killed 12 people and injured 50 others.

On Wednesday, Berlin police revealed the details of sexual attacks carried out by migrant gangs on New Year’s Eve, with 23 cases of reported sexual assaults around Berlin’s landmark Brandenburg Gate. Police confirmed detaining suspects of Pakistani and Iranian descent.

Large police presence was needed on this New Year’s Eve to contain the gangs of migrant men in cities across Germany — especially in Cologne, Frankfurt, Hanover and Karlsruhe.

On Wednesday, Berlin-based newspaper Der Tagesspiegel reported the sexual assaults that took place on New Year’s Eve:

Berlin Police has release more details of sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve at Brandenburg Gate. Responding to a query, the office of the Police Chief explained that 23 crimes have been reported that took place between 7 p.m. and 2 a.m. in the open-air grounds. Police has new details on victims and assailants.

All the victims are women. The four suspects under investigation are men. Two of them have Pakistani nationality and are both 25 year old. Another 20 year old suspect holds Iranian nationality. The fourth man is 26 year old and his nationality could not be ascertained.

The assailants moved in packs. (…) There were also few posts on social media describing organised groups that groped and tried to snatch valuables. These postings described assailants as North Africans and Arabs. Police could not comment on those descriptions. On New Year’s Eve police had spoken of 6 unrelated cases of sexual harassment. [Author’s translation]

Coordinated sexual assaults by migrant gangs on New Year’s Eve also took place in the Austrian city of Innsbruck, where police confirmed 18 such cases. Austrian police is combing refugee camps looking for assailants caught on surveillance tapes.

Only a sweeping police action, that took 1500 police officers supported by mounted police and armoured vehicles, could barely prevent the repeat of last year’s mass sexual assaults.

Cologne Police detained over 100 miscreants and ordered around 1,000 individuals to leave the inner-city. The security operation was aimed at Arab-North African men, many of whom swarmed to the country after German Chancellor Merkel removed Europe-wide (Schengen Zone) border control for “refugees” in September 2015. Merkel acted unilaterally without consulting other European states, much less her own electorates. UK’s Brexit vote is largely attributed to Merkel’s heavy-handed approach on open borders.

Liberals calling for a European-style refugee policy in the U.S. should take a good look at Merkel’s Germany. Mass migration from Arab and Muslim countries could very well “fundamentally transform” Liberal Europe into a lawless hellhole.

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[Cover image courtesy CNN, Youtube]

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