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Germany: Police Ridiculed for Screening Arab-North African Refugees During New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Germany: Police Ridiculed for Screening Arab-North African Refugees During New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Cologne police detained over 100 miscreants, ordered 1000 others to leave the inner centre

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Sweeping police action was needed to prevent the repeat of mass sexual assaults during this year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations in the city of Cologne, German police said. Police screened and detained arriving passengers at the main railway station as they headed towards the centre of Cologne. Security measures were focused at Arab-North African men. Cologne police detained more than 100 miscreants and ordered at least 1000 to leave the inner city.

As no good deed goes unpunished, German politicians and media slammed police for targeting Arab-North African refugees in Cologne. In Merkel’s Germany, inconvenience caused to an able-bodied migrant man bothers media and politicians more than the plight of an assaulted and brutalised woman.

Amid this latest media and political cacophony over a few inconvenienced migrant man, one must recall the collective silence of the German political class and media following the mass sexual assaults in Cologne, Hamburg, and other German cities last year. Cologne police were ordered to remove the word ‘rape’ from their initial reports, apparently, a move directed by senior government officials.

City Police Chief told the media that the gangs prowling the city were ‘just as aggressive as last year.’

Germany’s State-run DW News writes:

In a bid to prevent a repeat of last year’s sex attacks, state police focused on men of North African descent on New Year’s Eve. Police Chief Jürgen Mathies has faced criticism for praising the success of the practice.

In the face of a heated debate in Germany over the alleged use of racial profiling during New Year’s Eve celebrations on Sunday, police in the German city of Cologne defended their tactics.

Speaking to the press, Police Chief Jürgen Mathies admitted that yes, officers had specifically targeted men who appeared to be of North African extraction to undergo police checks, but said that “for the vast majority, there was a clear threat of criminal activity present.”

Last New Year’s Eve, around two thousand men — mostly Arab and Muslim migrants — raped, robbed and assaulted at least 1200 women. After a year-long investigation into those crimes, almost all of the perpetrators have managed to walk free.

Despite massive police presence, some cases of sexual assaults were reported during the celebrations in Cologne and the surrounding region. In the nearby German city of Dortmund hundreds of ‘refugees’ ushered in the New Year with the Islamic war cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’ in the main square.

In the Austrian capital of Vienna, Police handed out 6,000 ‘rape alarms’ on the New Year’s Eve to prevent mass sexual assaults similar to the ones in Cologne. If activated, the ‘rape alarm’ gadget will ’emit a shrill sound aimed at chasing away potential aggressors,’ a government spokesman was quoted telling the media. If uncontrolled migration from Arab and Muslim lands continues, Europe will soon be needing quite a lot of those ‘anti-rape’ gadgets.

Chancellor Merkel’s promised ‘multikulti’ paradise is looking more and more like a police state. Cologne was turned into an armed fortress with 1500 police officers patrolling the inner city alone, backed up by mounted police, helicopters, and armoured vehicles. With German elections coming up in 2017, Merkel was keen to avoid the repeat on last year’s assaults.

Video: Police measures ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne:

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buckeyeminuteman | January 3, 2017 at 8:11 am

Rape alarms are gadgets that will emit a shrill sound aimed at chasing away potential aggressors. That is the worst idea I have ever heard of. Such a shame that firearm ownership is so low in Europe that women (and men) have to rely on rape whistles and a police state to feel secure.

I think it is important to remember the Grand Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini was linked to the Holocaust. More information can be found here:

Profiling works.