Obama is ending his presidency not only with a flurry of commutations, but also with appointments to various commissions and governmental entities.

One of those entities is the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, to which Obama just appointed Ben Rhodes. The Jerusalem Post reports:

With only three days left in office, US President Barack Obama announced several key administration posts on Wednesday, including the placement of Benjamin Rhodes, one of his top foreign policy advisers, on the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.

The council is comprised of 55 members appointed by the president. Its primary task is to fund-raise for the nation’s Holocaust Museum and its various projects….

Rhodes, 40, is Jewish. He has worked with Obama since 2007.

Who is Ben Rhodes?

He’s the Obama communications operative who admitted to deceiving the American public and manipulating the media in support of the Iran Nuclear Deal. (He also ran the Benghazi disinformation campaign.)

David Gerstman wrote a devastating takedown of the deal and Rhode’s deception last May, Grand Deception: How Obama and Ben Rhodes Lied Us Into the Iran nuke deal. Read the whole thing.

Part of Rhodes deception was to create the media narrative, and a media echo chamber, pushing the claim that negotiations were a byproduct of the rise of a moderate faction in Iran. It was a lie meant to suggest that the Iranians were moving away from their genocidal desire to destroy Israel and thus an agreement which legitimized and legalized Iran’s nuclear program was not a worry.

In fact, we know that the nuke deal puts Iran on a certain path to be in a position to produce and deliver a nuclear weapon down the road, and that’s assuming Iran honors the deal. And that supposed rising moderate Iranian government is nowhere to be found. Flush with cash and renewed international business connections, the Mullahs are as violent as ever and increasingly throwing their military weight around in the region.

For Obama to appoint the man who deceived us into putting 6 million Israeli Jews in danger on the Holocaust Memorial Council is a big FU by Obama to critics of the Iran nuke deal.

Rhodes also coordinated Obama messaging to support the decision to abstain on UN Security Council Resolution 2334, VIDEO: Obama advisor Ben Rhodes says Israel wasn’t ambushed and brought UN Resolution on itself.

The Rhodes’ appointment is a final triumphant move which anyone paying attention understands.


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