Obama advisor Ben Rhodes was in charge of coordinating messaging for the Iran Nuke deal. David Gerstman eviscerated Rhodes in this post, Grand Deception: How Obama and Ben Rhodes Lied Us Into the Iran nuke deal.

The short version is that in NY Times profile, Rhodes admitted to creating a false narrative of Iranian moderates who would be empowered by a deal — it was complete fiction, among many other media manipulations perpetrated by Rhodes.

Rhodes also in charge of coordinating messaging for White House pushback against criticism of the recent anti-Israel UN resolution.

Rhodes was interviewed today on Israel’s Channel 2 News, and denied that Israel had been ambushed. He also focused exclusively on the issue of settlements, and not the other aspects of the resolution, which declares Israelis living anywhere beyond the 1949 armistice line as being illegal. Israeli control of the Western Wall also is illegal under the resolution. Also ignored was how the Resolution will embolden Palestinians to take even more intransigent positions — which they already are doing.

He also deflected by referring to U.S. military assistance, as if that somehow overcomes the delegitimization of Jewish history and the reason for Israel’s existence. There is a global movement to isolate Israel for reasons having nothing to do with settlements — it’s essentially a religious war against the Jews having a nation in the middle of the Muslim world — and the Resolution helps that effort.

Here is Channel 2’s report, Watch: Obama adviser blames Israel for UN resolution

In an interview with Channel 2 news, outgoing U.S. President Obama’s deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes rejected Israeli accusations against the administration in connection with the UN Security Council vote against communities in Judea, Samaria, and east Jerusalem.

“We are not endorsing a resolution that seeks to impose a resolution to the conflict,” claimed Rhodes, and added that the resolution “deals with obstacles to peace…When we see laws that seek to legalize outposts, when we see rhetoric that suggests that this is the most pro-settlement Israeli government in history, and when we see the facts on the ground, again, deep into the West Bank, beyond the separation barrier, we feel compelled to speak out against those actions.”

In response to the interviewer’s question whether Israel can expect further U.S. initiatives, the most Rhodes would say was that “Well, I wouldn’t describe it as ‘new initiatives'”. The speech to be delivered by Secretary of State John Kerry will deal with the general American vision for resolution of the conflict, he added.