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Trump Responsible for Low Libido Epidemic?

Trump Responsible for Low Libido Epidemic?


Okay, now we’ve heard everything:

Sex therapist Kimberly Resnick Anderson claims Trump winning the presidency has led to a widespread loss of libido in the bedroom among her clients.

Dubbing it ‘The Trump Bedroom Backlash’ Resnick Anderson says she has seen it time and again in her office…

The certified sex expert told ‘Since Trump won a common complaint in my office is that women get more easily annoyed when their husbands or boyfriends initiate sex.

‘There are so many women complaining about it, I dubbed it “The Trump Bedroom Backlash”.

I have to say that this news surprised me. I had assumed that political stress—which these woman are apparently experiencing—might enhance the desire to bed down and get away from it all. Sort of like what sometimes happens in wartime, when people think their lives might end soon and they want to have a wild fling both to forget about it and to have some fun before the doors close.

Apparently not in this case:

‘One of my patients admitted, ‘Since Trump won, the thought of having sex is unappealing to me. All I can picture is him boasting about exploiting women…It makes me sick.’

‘This sentiment rings throughout my office on a frequently increasing basis.

That’s a clue right there. I think such women are coming up with a syllogism. You may have heard of the classic syllogism:

All men are mortal

Socrates is a man

Therefore Socrates is mortal

Of course, that’s not the syllogism operating here.. Now we have a syllogistic fallacy that probably goes something like this among some female liberals who think Trump is nothing less than evil:

My husband is a man

Trump is a man

Therefore my husband is like Trump

And another clue can be found from the following statement from Anderson:

‘Another patient lamented to me that since his wife discovered he was a Trump supporter, “she wants nothing to do with me in the bedroom. It’s as if I am suddenly the enemy.”‘

‘A couple sat in my office and she said, “If you support Trump in any way, shape or form, then we do not share core values. And if we do not share core values, it’s hard to be sexually attracted to you.”‘

Some of you may be inclined to revile these women, or to laugh at them, or both simultaneously. And there’s no question that their behavior seems both extreme and unlikely to lead to anything good. In fact, when I read the story I checked to see whether “Kimberly Resnick Anderson” was a real therapist in the Los Angeles area, just in case this was an example of “fake news.” But the news appears to be true, at least as far as I can tell.

As Donald Trump himself might say: Sad.

Remember, though, that it has been repeatedly drummed into liberals’ heads (and they sincerely believe, as do so many of the people they know) that Trump is Hitlerian. Almost the devil. Evil personified. If a person believes that, then the results of this election would be very depressing.

Politics can be very much a belief system—and a pretty basic one at that. For some people, it’s even a way of life. And if two spouses were always on the same political page together before this election, it could be a profound shock when one leaves the fold.

[Neo-neocon is a writer with degrees in law and family therapy, who blogs at neo-neocon.]


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I wouldn’t pin it on the election but things have been better than usual around here since around mid November. Of course, I can’t point to anything else for the change either.

These same arrogant ignoramuses getting off the last eight years by giving it to America up the a** now can’t get their rocks off?

Good. They’ll breed less.

DieJustAsHappy | December 28, 2016 at 4:25 pm

Maybe these women were already libido-challenged and Trump’s winning is just an excuse.

Aw da poor ‘princess-snowflakes (of both sexes), they received a gonad-crushing defeat at the polls.

Do you think we can arrange for sixteen years of this new birth control medicine? It appears to be effective only on socialists, so it would be another way to M.A.G.A.

Bear in mind that the people this therapist spoke with are all sex therapy patients, in no way representative of the general public. Also, we have only the reports of a few patients of a single therapist – purely anecdotal.

That they are in sex therapy implies something about their sex lives, or lack thereof, doesn’t it? It could just as easily mean that these folks chronically have sex problems, and that Trump is not the cause, but the latest in series of external causes.

I have no sympathy for those libs so depressed that they can’t function. That should have been a sign that they were too incompetent to be running things in the first place. Now if their oversexed sex lives have ceased to exist, so be it.

A potential drop in PP income nine months from now.

No. It’s the whipped cream shortage.

After 8 years of enjoying the screwing Obama gave them, I can understand why they fear Trump may not meet their standards. They are probably right.

I wonder where this therapist was during the clinton years? Trump grabbed their pussies, I still can’t figure out what that means, but clinton did a whole lot more plus biting their lips off. It would seem to me that all sex from liberals would have ceased during the clinton years and all liberal cigar smokers would have abstained too.

Politics can be very much a belief system—and a pretty basic one at that. For some people, it’s even a way of life.

More than most people realize. Liberalism and Socialism, especially, basically boil down to the Church of the State. Anyone who does not accept or endorse the divinity, omniscience, and omnipotence of the government is an apostate, and needs to be re-educated and re-indoctrinated.

So if you were raised a practicing Liberal and suddenly found out your spouse voted Trump, it’d be similar to being raised Muslim and marrying a Muslim, and finding out your spouse converted to Evangelical Christianity without telling you. To you, they are suddenly a different person.

Sure, it’s irrational, but rationality is not exactly a Leftist’s strong point, is it?

Reduced procreation among liberals can only lead to a better, stronger America. Keep it up (or even better, keep it down)!

I have been hearing that happiness and hope for the future tends to give some people added zest for living. This tends to result in some jokes about “Alpha males.”

I suppose it all depends upon the sample group.

I’m sorry, if you are married to a person and don’t already know their core values then your entire relationship must have been based on sex or money and isn’t worth the paper your marriage license is printed on.

The sex lives of leftists is not anything I have a desire to contemplate.

I just hope they’re equally impotent in every other aspect of their lives.

Claiming Trump puts you off sex is not a statement on sexuality, it’s a political fashion statement.