Last weekend, I noted that the losing Hillary campaign cost a record $1.2 billion.  Now the donors who helped pump that immense amount of money into losing want answers . . . answers the Democrats think they’ve already given by pointing fingers at James Comey, Russian hacking, Bernie Sanders, and bad messaging.

Politico reports:

When Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine greet the very top fundraisers and donors to their failed campaign at New York’s Plaza Hotel on Thursday evening, many of them will have one question in mind: Where’s the autopsy?

The call for a deep and detailed accounting of how Clinton lost a race that she and her donors were absolutely certain she’d win didn’t begin immediately after the election — there was too much shock over her defeat by Donald Trump, and overwhelming grief. Her initial conference call with top backers, which came just days after the outcome, focused primarily on FBI Director Jim Comey’s late campaign-season intervention.

But in the weeks since, the wealthy Democrats who helped pump over $1 billion into Clinton’s losing effort have been urging their local finance staffers, state party officials, and campaign aides to provide a more thorough explanation of what went wrong. With no dispassionate, centralized analysis of how Clinton failed so spectacularly, they insist, how can they be expected to keep contributing to the party?

. . . . Or, in the words of a Midwestern fundraiser who’s kept in touch with fellow donors, “A lot of people are saying, ‘I’m not putting another fucking dime in until someone tells me what just happened.’”

With the threat to withhold major money from the Democrats, they’ll have to come up with something resembling an autopsy.  It will be interesting to see what they try to sell in that particular bill of goods.