After an entire summer of protests, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid were determined, in late 2009, to set the groundwork for shoving ObamaCare down the throat of every American (who never liked or wanted it  . . . and still don’t).

Remember those late 2009 special sessions in which Democrats planned to push through as much of the ObamaCare monstrosity as they could before the January, 2010 special election in Massachusetts?

Pelosi noted that this work (completely devoid of any GOP support whatsoever) would result in a “Christmas present for the American people.”


This was definitely not on the American people’s Christmas list when the economy was in the tank, people were dropping like flies out of the workforce, and the Tea Party was being ridiculed, “othered,” and silenced.

They plowed ahead. The messaging was just bad, Obama didn’t give that special one millionth speech that would have really sold it, and we’d love it once it was passed and we could find out what was in it.

One of the most infuriating images of 2010 was, to me, Nancy Pelosi striding toward the Capitol building to vote on ObamaCare, hefting the 1965 Medicare gavel, head thrust back in silent gloating cackle.

This was mere months after Scott Brown had been elected as the 41st vote against ObamaCare in January of 2010.

The hubris is still staggering.

Happily, with the election of Donald Trump, America has finally the return receipt on this particularly horrific Christmas present.