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Barnicle: Obama Had ‘Great’ Presidency ‘With a Few Minor Ripples Like Syria’

Barnicle: Obama Had ‘Great’ Presidency ‘With a Few Minor Ripples Like Syria’

But Barnicle Does Say Hillary Blaming Loss on Comey and Putin a ‘Sad Way to Step Off Stage’

Shades of “other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?” . . . On today’s Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle claimed that Barack Obama had a “great, outstanding” presidency, “with a few minor ripples like Syria.”

So the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians, traceable to Obama’s abandonment of his red line, is a “minor ripple?” How callous can Barnicle be? And as bad as was Obama’s failure on Syria, it is just one of a string of fiascos at his feet, from the rise of ISIS, to Iran, Libya, and on the domestic front, a record number of people out of work and on food stamps, and the slowest recovery in modern history.

But let’s give Barnicle credit. A bit earlier in the show, after a clip was played of Hillary Clinton blaming her loss on the Comey letter and Putin’s “beef” against her, Barnicle observed that it was “a sad way to step off the stage.”

MIKE BARNICLE: Barack Obama’s entire career has been a solo act. And he is, he’s a Democrat. I happen to think he’s had great presidency with a few minor ripples like Syria. But I think his presidency has been outstanding.

. . .

HILLARY CLINTON: Take it from Nate Silver who’s pointed out that swing-state voters made their decisions in the final days, breaking against me because of the FBI letter from FBI Director Comey. And Nate Silver believes, I happen to believe this, that that letter most likely made the difference in the outcome. We have to recognize that as the latest reports made clear, Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyber-attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me.

JOE SCARBOROROUGH: Mike Barnicle, what’s your take on Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, everybody going out?

BARNICLE: I think all of us have a lot of respect for the former Secretary of State. Former senator from New York. Former First Lady. This is a sad way to step off the stage.


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Outstanding presidency???? Life must be so wonderful in the twilight zone.

That’s like saying Mrs. Lincoln saw a great play at the Ford Theater.

When I hear or read comments like those above from Mr. Barnicle my blood pressure spikes. What will it take for the liberals to denounce the Clinton Crime Syndicate, a civil war?

Hillary did not receive what she deserved, but there are investigators working on that. Step off the stage? CRAP! The old biddy was tossed off the stage! Respect? She’s earned everything she’s going to get, past and future.

If the country gets this upset about Hillary not winning the election, what will they say when the lawyers come after that malfeasance called Obama?

    Actually… (just thinking out loud here) Hillary has a good track record of moving somewhere (New York) to run for office, and she *did* get a majority of votes in California, so providing Moonbeam doesn’t drive the whole state into bankruptcy, there’s nothing stopping her from heading to sunny CA to become Governor Clinton. Sunshine, babes for Bill, and more happy socialists than you can shake a stick at. What’s not to like?

“I happen to think he’s had great presidency with a few minor ripples like Syria. But I think his presidency has been outstanding.”

Minor ripples”? Fast and furious, Iraq failure, hurricane Sandy, Russian reset, Benghazi, loss of more state governorships and legislatures, lowest number of Demorat Senate and Representatives in many years, Syria, Iran nuclear deal, Cuba misstep, corrupt IRS, corrupt State dept., corrupt EPA, allowing know terrorists to leave Guantanamo, crony culture with taxpayer’s money, allowing the US military to reach its lowest level of readiness since WWI, the most racially divided nation since the Civil war and the total loss of respect for our country and the office of POTUS.

When I read comments like that, I despair that political opponents in this country will ever be able to cooperate with each other. It’s just mind boggling the stupidity of Barnicle’s statement.

Did anyone else on that show push back against Barnicle, or was his idiocy allowed to stand unchallenged?

    Mark Finkelstein in reply to Ken Abbott. | December 19, 2016 at 9:50 am

    Ken, there was no pushback.

    Barnicle himself almost chuckled as he described Syria a ‘minor ripple.’ So perhaps some self-awareness of how ludicrous his statement was. But that didn’t stop him from making it.

      No pushback, no opposing view. One big echo chamber. Am I the only one who thinks these shows would be greatly improved (and would probably enjoy better ratings) by including a competent, articulate analyst willing to put forward and defend other perspectives?

“great presidency”? More fake news. Your mamma ought to wash your mouth out with soap for telling a whopper like that ~

Mike Barnicle, the kid from the “tough streets of Lincoln MA”, who was FIRED for plagiarism? Buffoon.

“…I happen to think he’s had great presidency with a few minor ripples like Syria.

…I think all of us have a lot of respect for the former Secretary of State. Former senator from New York. Former First Lady.”

This is insanity turned up to eleventy. I suppose this Barnicle idiot is blind to the fact that the flood of Muslim invaders (they call them migrants or refugees when they are in fact invaders and conquerors) into Europe is due almost entirely to Obama’s (and Clinton’s, but she worked for him and he could have kept her on her leash) foreign policy. Syria is a ripple? What the hell is Libya?

Now, let’s “pivot” to Asia. After the fashion of our current President, Summer’s Eve, the world’s largest bag of douche. Early in this idiot’s presidency the NORKs concluded they could get away with murder. So they sank the Cheonan. Since the NORKs had accurately assessed the situation, i.e. that in early childhood no pediatrician had prescribed anyone in this administration a pair of testicles or a brain, they wimped out in the most degrading was possible. I can still hear Hillary Clintoon’s grating voice announcing that we were going to respond forcefully in concert with the “international community.”

A leftist’s faith in things like “international community,” the “Arab-Israeli peace process,” or the notion that history has a right side and a wrong side to it makes far less sense than a child’s faith in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

Which is fitting somehow as it wasn’t just open-mike amateur night at the White House, it was the children’s hour.

So, as everyone who had seen this movie before easily predicted, the Chinese protected the Klown Kar went to the UN (that’s what idiot leftists think constitutes an “international community”) and got pantsed before God and everybody as the Chinese protected their NORK clients. They got a UNSC resolution condemning the sinking, whoever did it!! Because the Chinese refused to let anyone pin the blame on their clients. The fools in the administration tried to spin it as a win. The NORKs celebrated their victory by pinning medals on the assailants on national TV and later shelling a few ROK islands near their coast for dessert. So the ROK president gave a speech and vowed to go it alone next time, if necessary. And don’t think Japan didn’t notice that. And didn’t notice how useless we were under this administration as the PRC became increasingly assertive over the Senkakus; they declared an ADIZ over the islands, and we did nothing.

The above wasn’t part of Obama’s official “pivot” to Asia. It sort of constituted the foreplay, and you could tell how the main event was going to turn out. Obama and Clinton totally screwed it up. Loudly whine, bitch and moan, and carry no stick was apparently their plan.

Again, don’t think our putative allies didn’t notice. I’ve lived over half a century. I spent 20 of those years in the Navy. Never have I heard the Japanese openly wondering if an alliance with the US is worth a damn.

Dutarte of the Philippines went a step further in October and declared the US had lost and cozied up to China. Why, it’s almost as if somebody could have predicted that. Wait, I did. And I’m sure I’m not alone. I can claim not special credit because of the sheer obviousness of it all. The smaller nations living on China’s periphery and with competing claims to islands such as the Spratleys in the South China Sea have to walk a fine line. If we’re not going to defend them, like we wilted when the NORKs decided they could kill a few dozen ROKN sailors and suffer no consequences, then they’re going to have to find their own way to be able to live with China.

That is the extent of my “genius.” I can look at a map. I can see who has to live in closer proximity to whom. Just because Obama decided that Ben “I have a degree in fiction” and Tommy “Campaign van driver, ‘dude, that was like two years ago'” Vietor deserved to be on his national security council and consequently this brain trust couldn’t figure this out does not make me a particularly smart man.

Dutarte is a thug and a murderer and an extremely unsavory character. But he is President of the Philippines and the Philippines matter to us.

There’s also a third island chain, which is even more vague than the second island chain which basically includes the Japanese Bonin Islands and the Marianas. I can’t go into the island chain strategy in detail. But we have one, have had one for longer than I’ve been alive, which is to deny the the Chinese access to the broad maneuver space of the Western Pacific, and theirs is to gain that access.

Please note that the Philippines are pretty much the linchpin in that strategy. So if they elect a complete @$$maggot, we’re going to have to hold our nose and work with him.

But it’s a two way street. We, the voters, can’t escape blame in this. We elected Barack Obama twice. That includes all of us who voted for Romney in 2012 because we didn’t do a good enough job explaining just what a disaster Obama was.

Admittedly a tall order, as we had to get our voices heard over this Barnicle fool, and he’s on TV and we’re not. I don’t like TFG but he still is President and we’re going to have to live with the consequences long after he’s gone. And amongst the problems is TFG doesn’t just bend over and take it, he brings an assortment of lubricants because he apparently enjoys it being a party favor and passed around among dictators.

Recall at the G20 summit the Chinese not only didn’t roll out the red carpet, they didn’t even roll a staircase up to the front door of Air Force One. Obama had to leave out of the back door, the service entrance/exit.

Now this.

Everything TFG has done for the past eight years has worried our Asian allies. Everything. To the point where, like Dutarte, they’re jumping ship. Yet Barnicle is declaring TFG super successful.

I’m at a loss for words. This is just insane.

Does anyone with functioning brain cells actually believe anything Nate Silver says?


I do love how every D with a byline gets resurrected even after they are discredited (barnacle)*.

* I know how to speeel. Seems appropriate.

“Mike Barnicle claimed that Barack Obama had a “great, outstanding” presidency, “with a few minor ripples like Syria.”

So, Barnicle. As long as you’re lying, tell us again about The Boston Globe firing you for lying. Go ahead. we like that story.

Buckwheat the Dimwitted is a #SCOAMF.

and that’s all he’ll ever be.

    Arminius in reply to redc1c4. | December 19, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    But he got elected twice. This ought to worry you. It worries the hell out of me. And I know it worries the hell out of our allies who, you know, we actually need.

Please note the chyron identifies Barnicle as a ‘veteran columnist’, but does not say whether the fourth or fifth column.

Sorry for the language to be used, but when I hear reference to Barnicle, going forth the term “Dipshit” will apply.

Please raise your hand if the fact of biased news is news to you.

By every single metric that Obama’s handlers gamed and manipulated to their advantage, Obama had a great presidency.

Mr. Obama might have had some great events occur during his presidency, but these happened around him, not because of him. Mr. Obama’s leadership and management skills were tepid, mediocre, and his results uninspiring. If such is the measure for “Great”, then Andrew Johnson was quite a good president.

Mike Barnicle, 1945: “Aside from losing, the Germans and Japanese had a great war.”

Mike Barnicle, 1912: “Apart from taking on a little ice, the RMS Titanic had a very successful maiden voyage.”

Mike Barnicle, 2016: “If you overlook that last game, the Browns are having a great season.”

As a sixty-year-old from New England, I can tell you that Mike has been an unhinged progressive for decades. It’s a measure of Massachusetts politics that he’s managed to survive as a “journalist” for as long as he has. The consumers of journalism in most States would have sent him packing a long time ago.

She did fall into the orchestra pit. LOL!

But let’s give Barnicle credit. A bit earlier in the show, after a clip was played of Hillary Clinton blaming her loss on [everything except reality], Barnicle observed that it was “a sad way to step off the stage.”

Barnicle gets zero credit for that one. I don’t consider it sad. Ditto for a few tens of millions of my fellow Americans. If it was sad, it wouldn’t be the Best. Election. Ever.