Shades of “other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?” . . . On today’s Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle claimed that Barack Obama had a “great, outstanding” presidency, “with a few minor ripples like Syria.”

So the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians, traceable to Obama’s abandonment of his red line, is a “minor ripple?” How callous can Barnicle be? And as bad as was Obama’s failure on Syria, it is just one of a string of fiascos at his feet, from the rise of ISIS, to Iran, Libya, and on the domestic front, a record number of people out of work and on food stamps, and the slowest recovery in modern history.

But let’s give Barnicle credit. A bit earlier in the show, after a clip was played of Hillary Clinton blaming her loss on the Comey letter and Putin’s “beef” against her, Barnicle observed that it was “a sad way to step off the stage.”

MIKE BARNICLE: Barack Obama’s entire career has been a solo act. And he is, he’s a Democrat. I happen to think he’s had great presidency with a few minor ripples like Syria. But I think his presidency has been outstanding.

. . .

HILLARY CLINTON: Take it from Nate Silver who’s pointed out that swing-state voters made their decisions in the final days, breaking against me because of the FBI letter from FBI Director Comey. And Nate Silver believes, I happen to believe this, that that letter most likely made the difference in the outcome. We have to recognize that as the latest reports made clear, Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyber-attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me.

JOE SCARBOROROUGH: Mike Barnicle, what’s your take on Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, everybody going out?

BARNICLE: I think all of us have a lot of respect for the former Secretary of State. Former senator from New York. Former First Lady. This is a sad way to step off the stage.

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