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Adam Saleh viral video: Removed from plane “for speaking Arabic” or horrible hoax?

Adam Saleh viral video: Removed from plane “for speaking Arabic” or horrible hoax?

Delta says Saleh “sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior, including shouting”

Adam Saleh is a YouTube personality with over a million followers. Today, he claimed he was removed from a Delta Airlines flight for speaking Arabic.

Saleh has a history of creating hoaxes, many of them in order to portray Muslims as victims of discrimination.

The facts are still coming in, but it’s appearing that this at best was a deliberate over-reaction by Saleh for the camera, or at worst an outright hoax he created from the start as he has done before. Either way, Saleh achieved another round of viral video fame, and his video on Twitter has been shared several hundred thousand times.

Here’s the tweet. Look at the number of retweets:


Saleh’s story, however, already is being challenged. Law Newz reports:

Delta Concludes From Multiple Witnesses That YouTube Prankster Was Actually Shouting, Disruptive

So you know that video that went viral that allegedly showed Delta kicking off a passenger for speaking Arabic? Well, apparently, Delta investigated the situation, and now says it’s not quite what it all seemed. In a statement obtained by, the airline said that after collecting statements from “multiple passengers,” they have concluded that YouTube star Adam Saleh, and his travel mate, were actually trying to disrupt the plane with “provocative behavior,” and were shouting.

Adam Saleh, who has more than 1.6 million YouTube subscribers, posted a video on Twitter that claimed that passengers complained of feeling “uncomfortable” after he spoke to his mom in Arabic and he was subsequently escorted off the plane. “WTFFFFF,” he wrote on Twitter after getting kicked off the London-to-New York flight. He urged others to spread the word and #BoycottDelta. This video has been retweeted more than 600,000 times.

Delta disputes Saleh’s version of the story. CBS News reports:

Delta defends ousting YouTube star Adam Saleh from flight

Delta Airlines is defending removing YouTube celebrity Adam Saleh, whose prank videos have garnered him a significant online following, from a flight Wednesday.

Saleh said earlier Wednesday that he was removed from the flight because he spoke Arabic to his mom on the phone before takeoff.

“I speak to my mom on the phone every flight,” Saleh told CBSN shortly after video he posted on Twitter showing his removal went viral. “She only speaks Arabic.”

But according to a Delta, Saleh sought to disrupt the cabin.

In statement to CBS News Delta said:

“Upon landing the crew was debriefed and multiple passenger statements collected. Based on the information collected to date, it appears the customers who were removed sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior, including shouting. This type of conduct is not welcome on any Delta flight. While one, according to media reports, is a known prankster who was video recorded and encouraged by his traveling companion, what is paramount to Delta is the safety and comfort of our passengers and employees. It is clear these individuals sought to violate that priority.”

Here’s the related video report in which Saleh paints himself as a victim of racism:

However, if you go further into the CBS News report, you see this:

Saleh has a history of posting staged videos designed to look like the real thing, including an infamously faked viral video that alleged to have shown anti-Muslim bias from the NYPD.

In 2014, Saleh’s video “RACIAL PROFILING EXPERIMENT!” showed him and friend staging a fight twice in front of an alleged police officer, once in Western street clothes, and once in Muslim clothes. The Smoking Gun revealed the hoax relatively quickly, but two years later, as of Wednesday morning, Saleh still does not indicate that the video was staged in its description.

In February 2016, Saleh posted a video of a self-described “social experiment” in which he counts down from 10 in Arabic aboard a plane.

Just last week, Saleh was called out for faking a video allegedly showing him sneaking onto a flight inside a suitcase.

Hoaxes on planes, particularly about speaking Arabic, seem to be his thing:

Not only has Saleh pulled past hoaxes, he’s also a 9/11 and Boston Marathon Bombing truther:

Here are some related tweets:

Sure it’s just coincidence that he starts his Middle East tour next month:

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I am gonna go with hoax…it seems like a sure bet.

Morning Sunshine | December 21, 2016 at 9:04 pm

I was thinking there was more to the story than first reported. Thanks for the follow-up. Wonder if my other news sites will also add this information?

Hoax until proven otherwise.

Char Char Binks | December 21, 2016 at 9:24 pm

He’s scum like the rest. Airplanes were invented by Wright Americans, for the right kind of Americans, so Muzzies need to STOP APPROPRIATING WESTERN CULTURE. If they need to fly they can sit on a magic carpet and rub a lamp.

He makes me want to fly Delta!


the only thing that *isn’t* a hoax is his status as a douche bag.

I would land his sorry ass name in the no-fly list.

Klown Kar driver has awful timing—fellow tricksters exposed in NYC last week and Ann Arbor today. I’m going to guess that not even the MSM is stupid enough to take this bait.

Well, OK, I hear you about MSNBC.

These fools are going to keep pushing and pushing, and then they’re going to get a very unpleasant reaction.

Standard punishment for things like this ought to be a lifetime on the “no-fly” list.

Want to go on a plane and test the reaction of the crew to help future terrorists? Ok, but there’s a price to pay.

    moonmoth in reply to Aarradin. | December 22, 2016 at 7:10 am

    “test the reaction of the crew to help future terrorists”

    I thought the same thing — test the reaction, and get it all sent viral on video on the Internet for terrorists to study at their leisure. I wonder whether a Constitutionally sound Federal statue could be written, that would make repeated behavior like this a crime.

      UnCivilServant in reply to moonmoth. | December 27, 2016 at 8:05 am

      I’m afraid that would violate both the letter and the spirit of the First Amendment speech protections if the Feds criminalized this kind of behaviour.

      What could be done is to immunize airlines against torts and vexatious litigation for banning chronically disruptive passengers from using their services.

    AARONSCHMALZLE in reply to Aarradin. | January 4, 2017 at 12:48 am

    and here he is thinking that he is going to su delta. i guess he got more than he bargained for and didnt realize what his position was in life

If Bush-Cheney were still around the next & last stop on his comedy tour would be Guantanamo Bay.

A ) Delta Air needs to file suit against him for the cost of the delay arising from the tort.
B) Delta and other airlines should put a permanent block on him from flying on their airlines.

Boo Hoo I’m a victim! Bad old Americans, I’m gonna go home to momma.

How about a 9mm lead injection behind the right ear to calm him down?

At the very least, good people from all over should have smartphones at the ready if they realize he is boarding their flight. Get recordings from before he starts his antics to release just after his hits a peak. Reject this Clown and show everyone who he really is.

How is this different from the proverbial yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater?

Put him on the no-fly list when he is in the Mid-East. He can stay there.

thalesofmiletus | December 22, 2016 at 2:42 pm

It’s always a hoax. In this case, removed for shouting.