This is a tough time to be a progressive.

There is a widespread mental breakdown in nests of radicalism, like Ithaca. I take no pleasure in that. Seriously. Come on you guys, seriously, no joy whatsoever.

I’m not like John Ekdahl.

I will admit, however, that I’ve been watching MSNBC a fair amount this week because their freakout is more interesting than the Fox News football spiking.

I saw a segment where Rachel Maddow asked whether there was a “doomsday plan” for progressives. It made me smile (just a little).

Fortunately, NewsBusters captured the clip:

Right Scoop observes:

I love the way Maddow lays out the case for a doomsday plan: “Mike Pence as vice president, the Republicans in control of the House, the Republicans in control of the Senate and a conservative majority, potentially a big one, on the Supreme Court.”

Notice she didn’t mention Trump!

Even so, her panic over this is so satisfying!

I just hope Trump and his fellow Republicans can actually deliver and give us a constitutionally sound Supreme Court for a change, because that’s where the rubber meets the road on this issue. And they also need to deliver up solid legislation protecting the unborn to put the baby murdering abortion out of business for good!

I’m worried about Maddow.

The colliding of worlds is getting to her:

I take no pleasure in any of this. But I repeat myself.


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