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Indian Prime Minister Modi Congratulates President-elect Donald Trump

Indian Prime Minister Modi Congratulates President-elect Donald Trump

Indians and Hindu groups cheer Trump’s victory

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was one of the first world leaders to congratulate President-elect Donald Trump on his stunning election victory. PM Modi wrote a series of tweets this morning expressing his hope of taking “India-US bilateral ties to a new heights” under Trump presidency.

News of Republican candidate’s victory also brought Hindu groups out on to the streets in India’s capital New Delhi.

Throughout the campaign Trump enjoyed strong support from Hindus in the U.S. and India, many of whom hoped that Trump’s leadership would give a diplomatic boost to India in its lone struggle against cross-border Jihadi terrorism.

Indian newspaper Hindustan Times reports:

Vishnu Gupta, chief of the ‘Hindu Sena’ outfit, said supporters had taken to the streets to bang traditional drums even before Trump claimed victory and would also distribute celebratory sweets. (…)

“We predicted that he would win five days ago — there is a huge support for him, his ideas, and we could see that,” Gupta told AFP.

“India will now have the support of the US in our efforts against terrorists. We will be together in this.”

India has faced a sustained terrorist campaign on its soil for more than three decades now. Terrorists have killed around 5,000 civilians and over 2,000 soldiers in India since 2001 alone. Many of these Islamic terrorists operating in India are trained and recruited in neighbouring Pakistan.

Many Indian commentators and journalists were supportive on Trump’s foreign policy stance.

A leading Indian news magazine acknowledged — though disparagingly — the wide support Trump’s candidacy enjoyed in Indian press and social media:

We also saw a huge interest among right-wing political commentators, celebrities and social media trolls in India for Trump, who evoked the kind of awe not dissimilar to [Prime Minister] Modi’s appeal in the run-up to the 2014 [Indian] election.

Trump’s straight talks stands in stark contrast with President Obama’s position on Islamic terrorism, who for eight long years refused to see any connection between terrorism and the ideology of Radical Islam.

Islamic terrorism is an existential threat to India and therefore the high priority for the country when it comes to diplomatic relation with the rest of the world, especially with the global superpower United States. Change in Washington offers a historic opportunity to boost defense, diplomacy and trade ties with India.

Video: In 2014, Trump talks about Indian economy and investing in India:

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NOT a Trump fan.
But so far, he has managed to piss of the muslims, and make the Hindus happy.
He may not be as bad as I feared.

I’ve never understood why (in the Cold War) we were on the Pakistan side of the India-Pakistan thing. We’ve got so much more in common with the Indians.

    tom swift in reply to clintack. | November 9, 2016 at 6:15 pm

    Because Nehru made India a Russian client state; the major attraction seems to have been the Soviet Union’s example of economic and organizational ways to pull a large country out of the Middle Ages.

    That made India’s enemy, Pakistan, an obvious candidate for American support during the period when fomenting revolutions and border disputes worldwide was a major goal of Soviet foreign policy.

Awesome. It’s… We’re all coming together.

“…India has faced a sustained terrorist campaign on its soil for more than three decades now. Terrorists have killed around 5,000 civilians and over 2,000 soldiers in India since 2001 alone. Many of these Islamic terrorists operating in India are trained and recruited in neighbouring Pakistan.”

This is not the half of it. This is not the tenth of it. Muslims killed between 50 and 80 million Hindus between 1000 and 1500 A.D. The mountain range between Afghanistan and what is now Pakistan is now called the Hindu Kush. The slaughter of the Hindus. This was a triumphal renaming. The Muslim killers were proud.

I am done. Done. With pretending Muslims are the victims. Tens of millions of souls cry out to us, “Stop!”

You can’t look at the clash between what is now called Christendom and the Islamic world and conclude it’s all because of the Crusades without much stupidity going for you.

Read a f***ing book. Is that too much to ask? Islam is the problem. Not the Crusades, which only occurred after 400 years of Jihaad. Not Thai Buddhists getting blown up in their southern provinces. Not Christian school girls in Indonesia.

This is how Islam relates to the world, folks.


Stupid, stupid! But not American. This is just a sample. I have a collection of stories about idiots crashing their supercars while trying to park them whilst impressing their supermodel girl friends.

These are not weighty matters that effect me when I’m wielding the Tacoma.