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Hillary Moves to Join Jill Stein’s Likely Doomed Wisconsin Recount Suit (UPDATE: Judge Rules Against Statewide Hand Recount)

Hillary Moves to Join Jill Stein’s Likely Doomed Wisconsin Recount Suit (UPDATE: Judge Rules Against Statewide Hand Recount)

Politics makes for strange bedfellows

Looks like Jill Stein’s recount charade is nearing its end.

Stein and her recount compadre, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, have until 4:30 Tuesday to come up with $3.5 million if the recount is to proceed.

ABC News reports:

The petitioners have until 4:30 p.m. today to submit the money in full, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

According to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, Donald Trump won the state with 1,404,000 votes, and Hillary Clinton came in second with 1,381,823 votes — a difference of 22,177 votes. Stein had 31,006 votes, and De La Fuente had 1,514 votes.

Stein was informed about the hefty price tag Monday.

Reportedly, Stein has raised about $6.4 million for her recount efforts.

Meanwhile, Hillary’s camp moved to join the Stein/De La Fuente sideshow saying they believe the hand recount affects them as well:

Stein and Independent presidential candidate Roque De La Fuente have asked for a recount. Stein has asked the recount be completed by hand in every Wisconsin county to verify electronic voting machines weren’t hacked. State elections officials refused to order a hand recount. Stein filed a lawsuit Monday asking a Dane County judge to order a hand recount.

Clinton’s attorneys filed a motion Tuesday seeking to join the lawsuit, arguing the recount could affect her. They also filed a memo supporting the push for a hand recount, saying that method is the most transparent for the public and will ensure the most accurate results.

Stein claims she’s not working in conjunction with any other campaign, but other campaigns have said they’ll observe the recount efforts from the sidelines.

The very same attorney handling Hillary’s recount piggyback encouraged North Carolina’s Republican Governor to drop his recount request:

An attorney for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign who advocated for and joined 2016 Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein’s recount effort is now urging North Carolina’s Republican governor to halt his own process.

Incumbent Gov. Patrick McCrory is currently trailing his Democratic challenger, Attorney General Roy Cooper III, by about 9,000 votes.

Attorney Marc Erik Elias says that is enough of a margin that should convince McCrory to concede:


From WKOW:

UPDATE (WKOW) — Late Tuesday night, Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn ruled against a hand recount statewide, allowing county clerks to determine how they want to proceed.

Bailey-Rihn says there was no clear and convincing evidence that there was a defect or mistake in the voting process in Wisconsin.

The recount is set to begin Thursday.

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North Carolina’s gubernatorial recount is likely to continue to be contentious, after 90,000 early votes were found on Election night in heavily Democratic Durham County, which helped propel Cooper to a pre-recount victory.

    Sure, but it’s still “news” to half the ignoramuses in our country. This needs to be countered so the numbskulls who buy into it understand what it is.

    Don’t look for Creepy McConnell or the Cowardly Ryan to help – this is all on Trump, and he’s the prefect guy to do it.

Leftwing’s idea consistency – Heads we win, tails you lose.

Crap – that’s $2.5M less for my retirement fund – Jill Stein

I saw where someone posted that the fund me page she used requires 3 to 5 days to pay , she may not have it

Another humiliation in store for Mrs. Scum.

Wait till the dept of state’s financial records start getting sorted out, and the 6 billions dollars that’s missing starts getting traced to…Mrs. Scum and Obama:

So the deadline to pay has passed. Anyone know whether Stein forked over the dough? And why in the love of God is Hillary’s campaign continuing to humiliate themselves in this way?

Stein has met the deadline. Wisconsin recount is on.

The Democrat plan is to make Donald Trump look bad. They’ve got Kieth Olberman doing a piece on GQ blog that suggests an alternative way to get him out of office.

These aren’t ‘sore losers’ they are doing everything they can to steal the election.

Jason Stein ‏@jasonmdstein 26m26 minutes ago

Judge Bailey-Rihn says plaintiffs failed to show a hand recount, though more thorough, was necessary or required under the law.

So what form exactly Is the non hand recount taking?

I don’t understand the concept of a “hand recount” in areas where electronic voting machines were used.

    Petrushka in reply to tarheelkate. | November 30, 2016 at 8:21 am

    THe ballots are paper. The machines are optical scanners. The same kind that were 100 percent correct in the florida 2000 recount (for the three counties that used them).

      tarheelkate in reply to Petrushka. | November 30, 2016 at 8:24 am

      According to what I have read, some areas in Wisconsin use the paper ballot and optical scan system, and some use electronic voting machines which have no paper trail. The former system is the only one which is reliable, in my opinion.

Judge denies Stein a “handjob” in this foolish recount charade.

I wonder if Trump shouldn’t launch legal proceedings against California to ensure voter integrity for minor things like…only LIVING Americans citizens voting? 🙂

So, she has to pay $3.5M out of the $6.4M she raised just to get a recount in WI. Is she still challenging the deadline she missed in PA in court? I wonder how much the court challenge alone will suck up out her remaining $2.9M. I don’t think that will leave much to pay for the actual recount. Although I don’t expect any judge anywhere to arrive at a different conclusion than Bailey-Rihn; I can’t see her getting a recount at all let alone a statewide one.

Then, on to Michigan!

Tap into those retirement funds, liberals. You need to keep Jill Stein and her efforts to disenfranchise voters in three states, err, I meant ensure the integrity of the democratic process alive.