Quick: name the woman who was the object of Donald Trump’s crude remarks on the hot mic. Bet most of us can’t. Because her identity, while not a secret, has not been featured in the coverage. For example, this Insurrectionist sampled most of the Sunday talks shows this morning and didn’t hear the woman’s name, or race, mentioned once, nor was her photo displayed.

But that won’t stop someone determined to drag race and racism into the matter from doing so. Enter Tara Dowdell. The former Apprentice participant, appearing on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show this morning, claimed that there is “more concern and outrage” about Trump’s hot mic comments because they were “focused on a white woman.” Dowdell’s statement amounted to an accusation of racism against Americans at large—you deplorables!

Note: Dowdell, without offering evidence, said it was “absolutely possible” that the “rumors” about Trump’s behavior on the Apprentice set were true. Later, she said “there is tons of allegations against him, sexual harassment, things even worse than sexual harassment.” But on her personal website, Dowdell writes of having the “distinction” of appearing on the third season of “NBC’s hit show, ‘The Apprentice.’”

TARA DOWDELL: He has been making boorish, inappropriate, vulgar, vile comments throughout this election cycle. Most of his comments, though, have been directed at people of color, communities of color. So people didn’t care as much about those comments. Now that they are graphic in nature, very specific, and focused on a white woman, there seems to be a lot more concern

AL SHARPTON: Married white woman.

DOWDELL: A married white woman —

SHARPTON: — and his own daughter!

DOWDELL:  — and his daughter.  A lot more concern and outrage than there was before. I mean, he’s always had a problem with women, which is why Kellyanne Conway was brought on to be the campaign spokesperson to begin with. And I do say spokesperson because I do not believe she’s running that campaign. But that’s why she was brought on to begin with. But this is a long history of behavior on Trump’s part. There is tons of allegations against him, sexual harassment, things even worse than sexual harassment.