The Wikileaks email dump from campaign chair John Podesta will not help Hillary Clinton put to bed her email scandal. In one chain, campaign members discussed ways to frame her statement about her use of a private email server to evade responsibility and keep the press in the shadows:

Hillary Email Statement

However, not everyone within the campaign eagerly jumped on the bus to make excuses.

No one specifically said which parts of the speech would distract the press and, God forbid, let them do their job and inform the American people of corruption. Aide Brian Fallon did highlight these areas:

Hillary Email Script 2

Of course, the email scandal investigation has shown most of this as false. The FBI found classified documents while Hillary admitted herself she didn’t know the C meant classified. We found out that quite a few emails did contain serious material.

We also do not know if she used her Blackberry devices to read classified information because aides destroyed them or no one can find them.

But like I said, not everyone agreed with this approach. Neera Tanden, President of the Center for American Progress, emailed Podesta that she believes Hillary should just come out and apologize:

Neera Tanden Hillary Email

Then a few weeks later, Tanden and Podesta again exchanged interviews over an interview that Hillary “rocked.” Yet, even Podesta noticed that people really do want Hillary to apologize for messing up with the email scandal.

Tanden confirms this and even knows how us ordinary Americans view Hillary during interviews:

Tanden Hillary Email Scandal

Apparently, she can’t get it off her mind because Tanden emailed right back:

Tanden Hillary Email Scandal