You’ll be relieved to learn that through his ultimate wisdom and expert diplomacy skills, President Obama may have saved the planet. You don’t have to take my word for it, Obama said it himself.

NBC News reports:

Obama: Paris Climate Accord Best Possible Shot to ‘Save’ Planet

A sweeping global agreement to combat climate change by shifting the world economy away from fossil fuels will take force next month after passing a threshold for ratification on Wednesday with support from European nations.

President Obama, speaking from the Rose Garden, called the “Paris Agreement” potentially a “turning point” for our planet.

“This gives us the best possible shot to save the one planet we’ve got,” Obama said.

Addressing climate change has been a core goal for the president and netting the Paris climate deal is considered a critical part of his environmental policy legacy.

“One the reasons I took this office was to make America the leader in this mission,” Obama said.

Support for the Paris Agreement has widened to nations representing 56.75 percent of world greenhouse gas emissions, above the 55 percent needed for implementation, a U.N. website showed. The deal will formally start in 30 days.

Here’s a video of Obama making his remarks:

As you can probably imagine, not everyone is a fan of the agreement.

CNS News reports:

In response to Wednesday’s developments, Speaker Paul Ryan accused Obama of acting unlawfully, and in a way that threatens the U.S. economy and jobs.

“The Paris climate deal would be disastrous for the American economy. It carelessly throws away the great gains that the United States has made over the past decade in energy development,” he said in a statement.

“The abundant, low-cost energy that we have unlocked will now be shut in the ground, eliminating the economic growth and jobs that come with development. The result will be higher energy costs for Americans – which will be especially painful for the poorest among us.”

“Furthermore, President Obama has once again acted unlawfully by signing an international treaty without Senate ratification, as required by the Constitution,” Ryan said.

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