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Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity Spar Over Trump ‘Safe Spaces’

Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity Spar Over Trump ‘Safe Spaces’

Hannity says Kelly supports Hillary.

Fox News hosts Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity took shots at each on Wednesday night after Kelly accused Donald Trump of remaining in safe spaces, mainly on Hannity’s show.

Well, Hannity took to Twitter to defend himself and Trump, even accusing Kelly of supporting Hillary Clinton!



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She seems more anti-Trump than pro-Hillary. Stopped watching her after her slugfest with Trump over Rosie O’Donnel tweets. Obvious a hit job– apply said in fight to Rosie to all women. For her, I think it was a commercial ploy for ascending the FOX and news media ladder, not ideology. With the current Fox leadership- it fits.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | October 6, 2016 at 12:45 pm

Trump said recently that Hannity invites him on his show so much because Hannity’s ratings have climbed the more Trump is on. Kelly is all about Kelly. She wants to be the top dog at Fox next year when her contract expires – or else she will bolt Fox News. The NYT reported Fox had to pay a boatload to keep her from going to NBC or CNN last time her contract came up.

So, I think there is at least a 25% chance, if not higher, that this “spat” is contrived and intended to boost the ratings of both of them.

I mean, Trump went to war against Fox and then a few months later after Ailes “resigned” from Fox Trump hired him to consult on his campaign. How much bad blood could there have really been? Kelly went after Trump hard in the first debate. Trump retaliated against her. He rose in the polls. She did well at Fox. Win/win. Then after a few months they agreed to sit down with each other for a much publicized interview that turned into touchy feely gabfest more than an interview.

I’m now cynical of everything they do at Fox. Rightly so, I believe.