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Irish Politician Tells BDS Supporters to Get Rid of iPads

Irish Politician Tells BDS Supporters to Get Rid of iPads

An Irish district passed a motion to support the anti-Israel BDS movement.

A few days after the Bank of Ireland shut down anti-Israel BDS accounts, the districts of Derry and Strabane approved a motion to back the BDS movement. Democratic Unionist Party politician Gary Middleton, who opposed the motion, suggested those who voted for it should throw away “their iPads as Apple uses Israeli-manufactured flash memory components.” He said:

“I think we all realize the huge role that the research and development sector within Israel plays.”

“The iPhone I’m using, the iPads the council use, they all use components that come out of Israel,” Mr. Middleton stated.

He added that the motion raises serious issues of discrimination and that he would put the question to the first minister of Ireland.

DUP councilor Drew Thompson also opposed the motion. He told the Derry Journal he never hears “anyone talk about the rights of the Israeli people” and “boycotts cause division and make matters worse.”

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