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Holland: Immigrant-Muslim Party Wants “Racism Police” to go after Free Speech

Holland: Immigrant-Muslim Party Wants “Racism Police” to go after Free Speech

Dutch Party wants 1,000-men strong political police, list offenders in nationwide “Racism Register”

If the pro-immigration Denk Party has its way in the next election, the Netherlands will receive a “Racism Police” to go after thought and speech crimes. Denk Party, founded a couple of years ago by two former-socialist politicians of Turkish origin, already sits in the Dutch parliament and is banking on the support of country’s growing Muslim population, currently at about 7 percent, in the parliamentary elections held early next year.

Denk Party, dominated by members of Turkish and Muslim origin, often piggybacks on progressive and leftist issues to expand its support base. The party wants stricter sentences for “racist and discriminatory behaviour”, and treat so-called offenders much like child molesters by listing them on a nationwide “Racism Register”. The Muslim-dominated party promises to create a 1,000-men strong force to go after “Dutch racists”.

The Left-wing German newspaper TAZ reports Denk Party’s latest proposals:

Denk Party, funded recently in 2015, is causing a stir in the Netherlands with its plans to combat racism and discrimination. The published plan contains proposals such as renaming of streets and tunnels that are reminiscent of Dutch colonial and slave trading history. Furthermore [the party] wants to the term “foreigner” replaced with “Turkish and Surinamese Dutch person” and create a thousand-man strong “Racism Police”.

The plan is a precursor to the election program of the political party formed in 2015. The prominent Denk-member Farid Azarkan appeared on Dutch TV saying the theme would “certainly be central” to the election campaign. With less than half a year to go for the election, integration and migration are emerging as the dominating questions — especially as the [Geert Wilders’] anti-immigration Party of Freedom (PVV) had been lead the polls for months in the wake of European refugee crisis. (Author’s translation)

Ironically, this new champion of European multiculturalism has close ties to Erdogan’s Turkish-Islamist AKP party and it refuses to recognise the genocide of Armenian Christians. According to a recent Dutch poll, nearly 90 percent of young Turkish-Dutch sympathise with Islamic State — the very demographic that Denk Party calls its political base.

Denk Party stands in the tradition of George Galloway’s Respect Party in UK, a new mutant ideology taking root in Europe that fuses leftist “social justice” issues with political Islam, dipped in fierce hatred for Israel and Western heritage. Last month, the Denk Party attracted media attention when party’s leader and Dutch MP Tunahan Kuzu refused to shake hands with the visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu.

What should worry the freedom-loving people — on the either side of the Atlantic — is not just the outrageous nature of Denk Party’s proposals, but the determined effort already underway in Europe to criminalise “undesired” speech and political dissident. Germany’s Justice Minister, Heiko Maas, continues to put pressure on Facebook and other social media platforms to curb free speech, while German police carries out raids to arrest people making hateful online comments. The E.U. has long been pressuring its media to omit mentions of Islam when Muslims are involved in terrorism.

With Liberals in the U.S. borrowing heavily from the European Left, it’s only a matter of time before similar political alliances emerge in the United States as well.

Video: Denk Party’s leader and Dutch MP Tunahan Kuzu refuses to shake hands with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu [h/t Israellycool]

[Cover image courtesy Politie Amsterdam, YouTube]


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Look for a wikileak document where they’re working with Hillary Clinton or Obama/Jarrett to do the same here.

    OnlyRightDissentAllowed in reply to | October 11, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    So you are making the comment without any reason to think such an email exists?

      One might think you’re at least smart enough to know that you have thoroughly discredited yourself already.

      One would be wrong.

      Yes, there’s ample reason to suspect such an email exists.

        OnlyRightDissentAllowed in reply to Arminius. | October 12, 2016 at 8:48 am

        Funny, there isn’t one mention of an email. It may be reasonable for you to believe that one exists, but then it is not clear that you can reason.

        BTW, it is not clear in this article or in the Forbes article that the party mentioned is any more than a splinter or whether this whole thing is anymore than an attempt to rile up those who reason without facts, like you.

        Beyond that, there is a lot of supposition about whether it would overrule Brandenburg test or how it would affect other sovereign countries. It seems all we can do about other sovereign countries is protest. Nothing in the article say we need to enforce the interpretation that this article claims.

        So please get back in contact WHEN YOU FIND THAT EMAIL. You have discredited yourself – as usual.

Leftist Nazi’s @ facebook have already coded up a tool to track the hate speech offenders and are sharing it with HRC.

Look for “suicide” rates for people on that list to go up significantly in the next 4 years.

…the Netherlands will receive a “Racism Police” to go after thought and speech crimes.

Thought and speech crimes directed at Christians & Jews are exempt, of course.

Coming soon to a nation near you!

Vote #NeverTrump! She’ll fix it!

They basically want to enforce Sharia norms on the Netherlands.

So, the invasion has finally made some political process and 1984 is becoming a reality.