On Wednesday, Romanian hacker known as Guccifer announced he hacked into the Clinton Foundation. He showed a screenshot of folders he found in the foundation’s server, which included “docs and donors lists of the Democratic committees, PACs, etc.” He then asks if this surprises anyone, but it did raise a few red flags.

It turns out, people have discovered that a lot of his new “findings” actually belong to a previous hack on the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Plus, Clinton Foundation officials said no one could find proof that someone hacked its server.

The Hill reported:

But there are a number of red flags that suggest the documents are in fact from a previous hack on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), not a new hack on the Clinton Foundation.

A spot check of some of the people on the donor list against FEC filings found that they all lined up with DCCC contributions.

The Clinton Foundation discloses its donors, and many of the alleged donors published by Guccifer 2.0 do not appear to have given to the organization.

One spreadsheet was allegedly created by a Kevin C. McKeon at DCCC in 2009. There was a Kevin McKeon that worked at DCCC at that time.

Plus, the Clinton Foundation denies a hack took place:

“Once again, we still have no evidence Clinton Foundation systems were breached and have not been notified by law enforcement of an issue,” a foundation official said. “None of these folders or files shown are from the Clinton Foundation.”

Yet, Guccifer spoke with BuzzFeed News and insisted that “all files are authentic” and came from the foundation:

When asked about the widespread speculation that the documents weren’t legitimate and a statement by the Clinton Foundation that “none of the folders or files shown are from the Clinton Foundation,” Guccifer 2.0 appeared to double down, writing: “is it possible that some ppl r trying to divert attention from my release by spreading false accusations?”

BuzzFeed mentioned that Guccifer did not tell the organization how he hacked the foundation or why the documents “seem to imply some connection between donations to the Clinton Foundation and the receipt of federal funds through the TARP program, which were largely distributed during the administration of George W. Bush.”

The reporters also noticed that this time around, Guccifer typed in broken English and mainly used emojis. In the past, Guccifer typed in near perfect English.