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Emails: Washington Post WH Bureau Chief Warns Podesta of New Story

Emails: Washington Post WH Bureau Chief Warns Podesta of New Story

Remember when the press didn’t cozy up to government?

In the latest Wikileaks dump, Washington Post White House bureau chief Juliet Eilperin tipped off Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta that she wrote an article about new ethics rules that President Barack Obama adopted in 2009. Here’s the email:

Apparently, it seems Eilperin didn’t want to burn any bridges because when Eryn Sepp didn’t answer her email, she sent another one to Frank Benenati, a White House spokesperson and assistant press secretary at the time.

Washington Post Tips Podesta

She then sent Benenati the portion of her story that mentioned Podesta, asking him if she needed to make any changes:

Let me know if there are any issues with it, but the donations from Steyer and Wyss are a matter of public record. I’m not mentioning the contract Podesta had with Wyss because you never got back to me on that, and I didn’t want to mention it without getting some sort of response in advance.

And the story will run tomorrow if it makes A1; otherwise it will hold.

Thing is, when Podesta asked for clarification, Eilperin assured him she was not accusing him of anything:

It’s not an accusation, it is just saying that even with the ethics order, people who have performed advocacy have served in the administration.

Um, okay. As Professor Jacobson said in his tweet, it’s no wonder people do not trust the mainstream media. Eilperin even sounds apologetic for having to mention this inconvenient fact in her story.

Anyone else notice the irony that her article was about ethics? When did it become okay to get all buddy buddy with the government, especially when you put in material that is public record? Why go through all the trouble to reach Podesta?


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legacyrepublican | October 14, 2016 at 1:26 pm

Washington Post? Isn’t that something you hitch victims to and whip them until they become compliant Democrats?

Despite the drip, drip, drip… The media, administration and Hillary campaign will just continue to conduct business as usual.

Everything is rigged PERIOD!

I am thankful everyday that I’m not one day younger than I am. You young’ns will have to carry the soon to be extinguished torch of freedom…

Corporate Media is part of pay to play too.

The WaPo did not warn Podesta out of altruism. Favor for a favor.

I like the rule here where if the Democrat they are “not accusing” does not get back to them (and ok the non-accusation), they don’t run the non-accusation. I mean, I might like it if I was a Democrat and had no moral conscience whatsoever.

None of this will matter to the election outcome. Progressives will deny the importance of this, even though were the tables turned, they would be apoplectic.

    OnlyRightDissentAllowed in reply to Pettifogger. | October 14, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    None of this will matter to the election outcome. Conservatives would deny the importance of this, if the tables turned.

    Please feel free to be apoplectic.

Legacyrepublican- LOL – and Joe Biden plays Captain Bligh from the flogging scene in Mutiny on the Bounty: “But sir, the Republican is dead.” “Nevertheless, Hillary expects you to do your duty. Ten lashes and be quick about it.”

American Human | October 14, 2016 at 2:37 pm

Something I’m willing to place money on is that this is all still going on.
The media/government/Clinton camps i.e. one-and-the-same with no end in sight.

BTW, do you think maybe, with the election of HRC to POTUS and the cozy CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/NBC/AP/WP/NYT and on and on relationships with the Executive branch, this might be the beginning of “Big Brother”?

Donald Trump will become the new Emmanuel Goldstein. Every day from 1300 hrs. – 1310 hrs. we will be required to stand in front of the TV while a photo of Trump is shown and the government announcer telling us that Trump has fled the country and is now in charge of the new Soviet Union and is planning on attacking us? We will all stand there like the North Koreans yelling and screaming hate at the top of our lungs (lest a secret service agent see us not giving 100%) for ten minutes.

Not government, administration. JournoLists of the Fourth Estate like, serve the status quo.

It is kind of amusing to watch the left try to explain this away. I’ve seen many people tweet out “Shocking! News reporter asks for comment on story by subject of story!”

Does it look like she’s asking for a comment in this email?

In May of this year, the DNC created fake sexist job postings they said were from Trump.

Summation of the DNC leaks as they related to DJT. The only thing about the DNC leaks reported in my local paper had to do with Wasserman-Schulz being fired. This is part of the same story, only the offenses against the Repubs have been ignored.

“Remember when the press didn’t cozy up to government?”

That only happens when the Republicans are in charge. Then, the press “speaks truth to power,” no matter how badly they have to distort facts and outright lie.

And the Democrat – Media alliance is nothing new. When Ben Bradlee was running the Washington Post, he was best buds with JFK. No one on the left ever voiced any concern about that, as far as I remember.

The media is the mouthpiece of the Democrats, and it has been that way as long as I remember. Does anyone recall Edith Efron? She wrote about it in the 1960s. By now, you’d think the conservatives would have found a way to counter this. Unfortunately, they are still largely clueless on getting their message out to the broad public.