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VIDEO: Palestinian stabbing attack in Hebron

VIDEO: Palestinian stabbing attack in Hebron

Perp shot dead, already anti-Israel propagandists are calling it an “execution”

We reported yesterday how there were four Palestinian terror attacks, including a car ramming at a bus stop and a stabbing of an Israeli soldier. In those two cases, the attacker was shot and killed, It must be Friday – Four Palestinian terror attacks including car ramming:

Time of Israel headlines 9-16-2016 terror attacks

There appears to have been a fifth attack early Saturday morning, another stabbing attack in Hebron Saturday morning in which the perpetrator was shot dead.

The Palestinian news agency Maan is portraying the shooting as an execution.

Maan News Agency Stabbing Hebron Execution 9-17-2016

Palestinian Authority officials are making the same accusation, via Times of Israel:

An IDF soldier was lightly wounded Saturday morning in a stabbing attack in the West Bank city of Hebron, according to officials.

The assailant was shot and killed by security forces near the Tel Rumeida neighborhood of the city, the army said.

A military statement said the attacker drew a knife during a routine security check in Hebron’s Tel Rumeida neighbourhood, wounding the soldier. “In response to the immediate threat, forces at the scene shot the assailant, resulting in his death,” the statement said.

The Palestinian health ministry named the man killed as Hatem al-Shaloudi, 25. He was a resident of Tel Rumeida.

The incident was the fifth apparently terror-related attack of the weekend, and the third in the Hebron area.

Hanan Ashrawi, a senior Palestinian official, condemned Israel for the “extra-judicial killings” of the attackers but did not condemn the attacks themselves. “Israel is flagrantly employing a systematic and willful policy of summary executions against the Palestinian people; such provocative acts are in direct violation of international law and conventions,” Ashrawi said. “We call on the international community to engage rapidly and effectively before it is too late.”

Anti-Israel propagandist and frequent campus speaker Ali Abunimah accuses Israel of lying about the stabbing:

But the video has been made available, and it’s pretty clear that the shooting was in self-defense.

The perpetrator approaches a soldier, and hands the soldier a piece of paper. The perpetrator, when close enough, pulls out a knife and lunges, then charges at others, and is shot.

Here is an image of the knife, you can see the blood on the end of it.

Here is the video (h/t @GolanMay)

How long before there is an accusation that the Israelis planted the knife in the perpetrators hands

Update: This is how some media reported the event:


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BLM is an extension of Palestinian terror attacks.

Two movements that make heroes out of people who were killed during attempts to commit murder. Shame on them both.



Yep. Sounds right. The legally and morally justified killing of a violent criminal by an agent of the government.

I fact check this as: Accurate.