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U.S. Allows Aircraft Sales to Terrorist-Designated Iranian Airlines

U.S. Allows Aircraft Sales to Terrorist-Designated Iranian Airlines

In March, U.S. Treasury sanctioned Iran’s “terrorism-designated” Maha Air for transporting illegal arms and terrorists

Obama administration will be allowing plane makers Airbus and Boeing to sell jetliners to Iran, clearing the way for one of the most high-profile business deals since the lifting of nuclear sanction on Islamic Republic earlier this year. The easing of commercial restrictions is part of President Obama-led initiative to reward Iran for signing a Nuclear Agreement in July last year.

According to U.S. Treasury’s own assessment, as early as March 2016, Iran’s civilian airliners were being used to illegally transport terrorist combatants and arms shipment in conflict zones across the Middle East. Iran’s state-controlled airlines are not regular commercial operations geared towards customer satisfaction, but are made to carry out regime-sanctioned covert operations to arm and replenish the ranks of Syrian army, Hezbollah and other terrorist outfits under the guise their commercial flights — coordinated by Iran’s mafia-like Shia-Islamist ‘Revolutionary Guards’.

Ignoring its own advice, U.S. Treasury has licenced Boeing to sell 80 planes to Iran’s state-run Maha Air and Iran Air. Europe’s Airbus has also confirmed a deal involving a total of 118 large aircrafts. Jerusalem Post reports:

The United States has begun unblocking deals by Western planemakers to renew Iran’s aging passenger fleet in a move likely to ease growing complaints from Tehran over the implementation of last year’s historic sanctions deal.

Europe’s Airbus said on Wednesday it had received US Treasury approval to begin exporting jetliners to Iran and its US rival Boeing said it looked forward to receiving similar licenses “shortly.”

The move signals the unfreezing of one of the most high-profile deals between Iran and foreign companies since last year’s agreement between Tehran and world powers to open up trade in exchange for curbs on the country’s nuclear activities.

This is how U.S. Treasury described “terrorism-designated Mahan Air” — to use agency’s own phrase — while announcing latest sanctions against businesses acting as front companies for Iranian regime in March 2016:

Based in Tehran, Iran, Mahan Air has facilitated IRGC-QF transportation and arms and funds shipments. Mahan Air also continues to support the Iranian government’s destabilizing actions in the region by conducting flights to Syria in order to transport fighters. Mahan Air regularly uses the same aircraft it flies to Syria to fly commercial passenger routes to international destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

In order to support its illicit activity, Mahan Air often uses complicated transactions through a series of intermediary companies and individuals – such as the individuals and companies identified above – to negotiate sales contracts, and these companies deliberately fail to disclose Mahan Air as the end-user of the purchased equipment. For example, these intermediaries may use false invoices to obtain aircraft maintenance services for Mahan Air.

Besides the all-powerful Mullah ruling class, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) — armed-thugs of the regime — runs sectors of national economy like its personal fiefdom making billions every year by running oversea banks, front companies, oil fields and even drug trade. Iran’s underground economy is estimated to be around $100-140 billion, roughly 25-35 of the country’s total GDP.

Not swayed by damning reports on Iran’s and IGRC’s role financing of international terrorism highlighted by Syrian War, Secretary Kerry has been actively pushing European countries to open up their financial sectors for Iranian banks. Many Western governments have been hesitant of letting in Iranian banks given their long history of money laundering and financing of international terrorism.

Meanwhile, what should baffle even a casual observer, Iran is not even hiding its intent to develop further nuclear weapons capabilities despite signing on to the Obama-Kerry Nuclear Deal. The regime continues to develop its nuclear weapons delivery program by test firing one ballistic missile after another. It deploys billion dollars worth Russian air-defense system to guard its ‘peaceful’ nuclear facilities. The Regime has even tested U.S. resolve by exceeding the limit of nuclear material it’s allowed to produce, only to be downplayed by White House officials.

After handing out $150 billion as a signing amount for the ill-advised Nuclear Deal, ecstatic Obama and Kerry are busy looking for goodies to rewards Mullah’s of Tehran. Meanwhile, the ‘Supreme Leader’ — as President Obama loves to call the 77 year-old unelected tyrant running the Islamist police state — still ends weekly Friday prayer with his 70s hit “Death to America”. Not that he really means it after all these years. Maybe he just does it for those lovely Burqa babes of Tehran who can’t get enough of it.

Video: Iranian state TV broadcast message to recruit kids for Syria war:

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Just wait.

If you’re unhappy with the news out of the White House over the next month, just *wait* until we see what comes out of there after the election is over.

U.S. Constitution, Article Three, Section Three (emphasis added): Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

I would be naive to believe that anyone would take any action here, but this surely seems to meet that definition.

Boeing must have made some hefty contributions somewhere.

He’s nothing but the devil’s disciple in the Oval Office. I’ve believed that from the very beginning and my view hasn’t changed. Too bad I won’t live long enough to spit on his grave. Maybe, some day, somebody will do so on my behalf.