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Obama admin attacks Netanyahu for objecting to ethnic cleansing of Jews (seriously)

Obama admin attacks Netanyahu for objecting to ethnic cleansing of Jews (seriously)

So does the U.S. agree that Judea-Samaria should be Jew-free?

The other day we reported on Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s video in which he pointed out that advocating the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea and Samaria (the “West Bank”) is hardly a path to peace, Ethnic Cleansing of Jews For Peace is Absurd:

Netanyahu was factually correct on the goals of the Palestinian leadership, and not only from Hamas:

The future independent Palestinian state will not include a Jewish minority, a top Palestinian official told USA Today on Wednesday [9/7/2011], adding that it was in the best interest of both peoples to “be separated.”

Maen Areikat, PLO Ambassador to the United States, made the comment just as the Palestinian Authority, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, was preparing to offer up Palestinian statehood to a vote in the United Nations General Assembly later this month.

And there is every reason to believe that ethnic cleansing is the goal. After all, that’s what the Jordanian’s did in the West Bank after the 1949 armistice, prior to Israel retaking the area in 1967. The small Jewish section of Hebron, reestablished after the 1929 Arab pogrom killed dozens and drove out the Jews, regularly is termed “illegal” (it’s not) and that Jews have no right to live there.

Mahmoud Abbas has toughened laws against selling land to Jews:

According to the official Palestinian Wafa news agency, Abbas on Monday [October 20, 2014] imposed a sentence of hard labor for life on “anyone diverting, renting or selling land to an enemy state or one of its subjects.”

No problem with Israel’s closest ally, the United States. Right? Right?


The Obama administration had another one of its fits of fury directed at Netanyahu (not at Abbas and the ethnic cleansers):

Washington on Friday fumed at comments made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a video released online in which he accused the Palestinians of advocating ethnic cleansing of the Jewish population in the West Bank.

US State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau told reporters the administration is “engaging in direct conversations with the Israeli government” about the video.

We obviously strongly disagree with the characterization that those who oppose settlement activity or view it as an obstacle to peace are somehow calling for ethnic cleansing of Jews from the West Bank. We believe that using that type of terminology is inappropriate and unhelpful,” Trudeau said.

She said Israel expansion of settlements raises “real questions about Israel’s long-term intentions in the West Bank.”

The full transcript is here.

To say the State Department spokesman missed the point in an understatement.

The Obama administration rebuke has led the Palestinian Authority to demand U.N. action against Israel:

Saeb Erekat, a senior aide to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, said the prime minister’s video — published on Facebook and Twitter on Friday — “shows that Netanyahu has crossed every red line with his egregious and blatantly unethical remarks that flout international law.” …

According to the PA’s official news agency Wafa, Erekat said the video should spur the world to take action against Israel, including a resolution by the UN Security Council condemning Israeli settlements and prosecution of Israel in the International Criminal Court.

The “world must now begin to hold this government responsible, and must not suffice with statements and denouncements, but require real and immediate accountability,” he said.

The Palestinian foreign ministry also called Sunday for the international community to “compel” Israel to abide by international law and halt settlement construction.

This is a perfect example of how the Obama administration always makes things worse, particularly in the Middle East.

Netanyahu’s statement accurately reflected the ethnic cleansing goals of the Palestinians, yet he was attacked by the U.S. State Department for stating that truth, which then led the Palestinians, sensing an opening, to make even more intractable demands.


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Has the world had enough of the Obama Administration and the Progressives yet or are they waiting for the big mushroom clouds?

Barracula seems bound and determined to hurt Israel all he can.

I don’t doubt this will continue after he leaves office, in some form or other.

    A comment made on one of the linked articles shows that some people believe that Obama will recognize “Palestine” as a country through an Executive Order. Wouldn’t surprise me if true.

      Milhouse in reply to genes. | September 12, 2016 at 1:13 am

      I don’t think any order would be involved. To whom would it be addressed? Kerry? The authority to recognise foreign governments belongs to him personally; he could instruct Kerry to do it on his behalf, but more likely he’d do it himself. Either way, there’s no question that he does have this authority, and neither the legislature nor the judiciary can interfere. So the only question is whether he wants to. Of course the next president can reverse the recognition.

        More likely would simply be a Memorandum. The problem, if a US President recognizes “Palestine” as a country, other countries will do so.

“the best interest of both peoples to “be separated.”
Where have I heard that before? Could it have been when the Democrats were arguing against the Civil Rights Act?

The Muslims currently residing in Gaza and “Palestinian” Settlements want a Jew free “Palestine” “From the river to the sea”. IOW no Israel.

    Milhouse in reply to genes. | September 12, 2016 at 1:25 am

    Even those willing to make “peace” with Israel insist that the areas they are given must be judenrein. The Israeli expulsion of Jews from the Gaza Strip was preceded by their expulsion from the Sinai, at the insistence of that so-called “peace-maker” Sadat. And it was implemented by that “hard-liner” Sharon. The day he ordered troops into Yamit — on a Saturday, when he knew there could be no protests — was when I stopped trusting him.

The man who calls himself Obama is gambling with his eternal destiny. He’d better be very, very, very careful. God will not be mocked.

“This is a perfect example of how the Obama administration always makes things worse”

Things are going exactly as planned.

God, I wish the article was a late April fools joke.

Brad Brzezinski | September 13, 2016 at 10:49 am

This administration routinely uses illogical arguments and sadly, the state of the world is such that they keep getting away with it. In this case, unable to refute what Netanyahu says, they essentially rely on the “settlements” defence.

I’d argue with them that if the settlements are the biggest obstacle to peace AND are growing as they claim AND the Palestinians want a just two-state solution, then the Palestinians would be eager to negotiate in order to stop the settlement growth that is making a two-state solution harder.

Instead, the Palestinians have for 8 years refused to negotiate and this administration has used allowed this same settlement issue to be used as the excuse in an area where it makes no sense.

In short, this administration has proven itself to be too biased to be credible on this matter.

NOTES: Settlements are only a problem because this administration seeks to override the Oslo Accords and have Israel acquiesce totally to Palestinian demands. This administration with its constant hateful attacks on Israel and Netanyahu, is contributing to antisemitism.