I have been following the developments related to the police shooting of Alfred Olango, after he took a shooting a stance and failed to comply with responding officers’ orders following a disturbance he created.

Perhaps inspired by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s innovative outreach to the black community, one plucky supporter donned his “Make America Great Again” attire and headed to the scene of protests that have ensued since the incident.

Feras Jabro, 21, a San Diego State student videotaped his experience on Periscope. Shockingly, the social justice crowd decided to give him some mob justice instead.

Watching the video, the young man starts out having fun and attempting to engage people. Approixmately minute 9, he is challenged by the crowd and there are several attempts to slap the hat off head to cheers of, “Fuck Trump”.

Around minute 11, the fun turns to fear as he is attacked. He was brought to the ground, then kicked, before he tried to run. Some of the attackers then gave chase.

Here is how the local media is reporting the incident: Apparent Trump backer causes ruckus at protest of police shooting in San Diego suburb

What started as a peaceful vigil Wednesday at the site where police fatally shot an unarmed black man the day before quickly got tense when a man identifying himself as a Donald Trump supporter infiltrated the crowd, reports CBS San Diego affiliate KFMB-TV.

…The purported Trump backer, who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap — the slogan of Trump’s campaign — later claimed to reporters that he was “cornered, I was beaten to the ground. When I attempted to run away, I was chased by the entire mob of people.”

Fox News Nationl Correspondent Will Carr tweeted a video showing the attack as it occurred.

And a third video shows him fleeing in terror, and being stopped to be attacked again.

My teen son and I were discussing the issue of visibly displaying our support for Trump while residing in California. I recall vividly how viciously Trump supporters were abused after a rally in San Jose, to the point I had a former Green Beret come as our protection during a Trump rally in May.

We do not visibly show our support, because the lies and smears have given the social justice warriors all the justification they need to attack. There is simply no reasoning with them, and no disagreement with their position will be tolerated.

I do not want to be egged. I do not want my son to be beaten. I do not want my car to be keyed.

I am sure many others have made similar choices. However, this November, we will be voting for Donald Trump.

Continuing investigation into the incident shows Olango was holding an e-cigarette when he took the shooting stance. Olango was a refugee from Uganda, who had a history of run-ins with the police, including convictions for selling cocaine, receiving stolen property drunken driving, and possessing a gun as a felon.

Besides the attack on Jabro, a freelance photographer was struck and his camera stolen when he tried to film a fight that had broken out during El Cajon protests.

Yet the media hails this as a “peaceful” protest!

Let’s hope there is a little less “peace” tomorrow!

Never change, Mainstream Media, never change.


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