Talk about low-energy . . . Hillary Clinton sleepwalked through her reaction to news of the NYC bombing of last night. View the video and catch the somnambulistic former Secretary of State speaking, without conviction, in a dull monotone.

Compare and contrast with Donald Trump’s muscular reaction to the same news, in which he said America needed to get “very tough.” Neither candidate had all the details, and leaders should not of course overreact in such situations. Even so, in tough times we want a president to project strength and determination. Trump passed that test. Hillary needs to go back to sleep.

Note: the MSM and Clinton jumped all over Trump, as here, for talking about a “bomb” before it was confirmed that there was one. But in her statement, Hillary also spoke of “bombings” in NYC and New Jersey. And the liberal media didn’t blink an eye. Surprise!

Note segundo: Hillary’s campaign slogan, Stronger Together, becomes ever more ironic.


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