Female “circumsion” is also known as female genital mutilation, a barbaric practice that causes extreme pain, risk of infection or death, and lifelong problems. But it’s still supported in some societies.

Here is one Egyptian’s bizarre justification.


Egyptian MP Ilhami Agina Supports FGM: Egyptian Men Suffer from Impotence, Can’t Satisfy Sexual Urges of Uncircumcised Women

Egyptian MP Ilhami Agina was interviewed on Al-Hayat TV following an earlier statement in which he had expressed support of female genital mutilation because, he claimed, over 50% of Egyptian men suffered from impotence and were incapable of meeting the sexual urges of uncircumcised women.

The TV interview turned into a wrangle when host Tamer Amin struggled to defend the virility of Egyptian men, “the most manly men in the whole world,” in his words.

The interview aired on Al-Hayat TV on September 3.