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Guccifer DNC Doc Dump 2: Pay to Play, Staged Protests?

Guccifer DNC Doc Dump 2: Pay to Play, Staged Protests?

Will the fallout hurt Hillary?

The hacker Guccifer 2.0 released more documents from the DNC through a person at The Future of Cyber Security Europe conference in London. The documents show evidence of pay to play with donors in order to become ambassadors and staging TV protests. Guccifer also wanted to use this information to show the vulnerabilities within the system.

Guccifer shot to fame over the summer when he released documents that showed the DNC conspiring against presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned as chairwoman right before the DNC convention.

Guccifer’s representative handed over 500 megabytes of documents, which contained information about the DNC’s IT layout, finances, and some donors. The most damning emails actually contained the words pay to play:

Interesting, especially since high dollar donors became ambassadors.

Despite all the money, the DNC doesn’t think very highly of its donors.

Oh, it gets better. Once the DNC realized someone hacked its systems, officials actually EMAILED everyone the new passwords.

Yes, the DNC even staged TV protests.

Of course Twitchy brought this to light. The reports from our beloved media never mentioned any of these emails.

Guccifer wanted to explain how easy it is to hack the DNC and bash the tech companies who should protect someone’s privacy. From Forbes:

Guccifer, who previously released tranches of stolen data on a WordPress site, said the documents also showed how NGP VAN software was deployed by the DNC. The hacker claimed that the company’s tech contained vulnerabilities that allowed them to breach the Democrats.

There’s currently no evidence showing Guccifer breached the DNC via an NGP VAN weakness. Additionally, NGP VAN pointed me to a blog post from security outfit ThreatConnect, which noted inconsistencies in Guccifer’s claims. The company, which bills itself as the “leading technology provider” for the Democratic campaigns, declined to comment on the leaker’s latest words.

In his prepared speech, Guccifer laid out the problems with security on the internet:

Second. They create conditions that make people store their info in cloud services. It seems convenient but it’s extremely vulnerable because it’s thousand times easier to steal the data from the cloud than from a personal cell phone for instance.

The next reason, and the crucial one, is software vulnerability. Tech companies hurry to finish the work and earn money. So they break development cycle very often omitting the stage of testing. As a result, clients have raw products installed on their systems and networks with a great number of bugs and holes.

He then said that the NGP VAN Company’s “software is full of holes.” This means hackers don’t have to hack into individual accounts, but should instead target the software company.

The DNC lashed out at the new document dump:

“We have been anticipating than additional batch of documents talent by Russian agents would be released. Our legal team is now int he process of reviewing these private documents, and attempting to confirm their authenticity, as it is common for Russian hackers to forge documents,” Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile said in a statement.

“We would urge anyone attempting to access these documents to proceed with extreme caution given the potential malware risks.”

Guccifer claims to be Romanian, but the government believes he is a front for Russia. Tech specialists matched the tools used by Guccifer to Russian intelligence agencies. They also found that the hacker “has struggled to speak in Romanian.” Some believe numerous people make up Guccifer 2.0.


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How is this not organized crime masquerading as government which – if this nation had an honest justice department – would be prosecuted under RICCO?

I despise this vile administration.

legacyrepublican | September 14, 2016 at 1:40 pm

Just letting everyone know that I changed my LI password to IveBeenHacked.

Everyone should change theirs to the same password too for added security.



Donors who don’t give fast enough are “clowns”.

Paid protestors are “bodies”.

They brag about “pay to play”.

The same geniuses who made up all of the above terms probably told HRC that “deplorables” would sound good.

but the government believes he is a front for Russia

Yea, that’s the Democratic line, and the government is of course part of the Democratic conspiracy. And all in a very specious attempt to claim that the Russians want Trump as president, so it must be awful. Or something.

In other words, just more unsupported Dem BS.

Guccifer claims to be Romanian, but the government believes DNC claims he is a front for Russia.


I quickly glimpsed the emails. What is problematic is not the ambassadorships. It’s common to give away ambassadorships to places like Sweden, the UK, Switzerland for political favors.

I glimpsed the emails and some positions in various cabinet departments were also sold.

The donor list can be easily checked.
Did they contribute? Did they get the job?

This explains all the recent clown sightings.

This administration gives a new meaning to “the buck stops here”, corruption from the top down. When the leader is corrupt and willing to make and brake laws then every one below him feels the same way.

By all reason this week should completely end the Clintons.

But ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, BBC etc have completely ignored the damaging emails thus far. I don’t think that strategy will work. DNCLeaks was trending for hours this morning. And it about the mean things Colin said about Trump.

Thanks for writing this up for them

My first thought would be criminal investigation under the RICO statue but the I remember who the AG and head of the FBI are. IOW, nothing to see here folks.

Now we’re starting to find out why pelosi asked the gop not to use the emails in political advertising.

Pelosi to Ryan: Don’t Use Hacked Documents in Campaigns
(headline should read “Don’t use our criminal actions against us)

I said it before and I’ll say it again…. How can Democrats continue to proclaim their superior competence and their fantastic governing abilities to be far superior to Republicans or anyone else when they can’t even run a web site without being hacked to death? How can you claim to be more responsible than you competitors when you are not competent enough to apply proper security protocols for your computer system? How can you claim to have a better understanding of technology when you consistently perform acts of Olympian stupidity like sending the new e-mail and system password (to protect against hacking) via e-mail? Joseph Heller could never write anything this good.

As a 30 year IT professional, I CAN confirm what Guccifer says about the development cycle.

You know, it’s 2016, and everyone knows that if you have data that is confidential and newsworthy, and you can’t secure that data, then you’re going to see it on the front page eventually. I’ll stop short of saying “keep up the good work” to the hackers, but I do appreciate that they make this type of information available to the public. I’d bet the DNC didn’t have one competent computer security person (i.e. ex-hacker) on the team.

Now as to the contents – how is this really different from the type of evidence that brought down Rod Blagojevich? He was convicted of selling Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat in 2008 and became the 4th Illinois governor to go to jail. He’s currently in FCI Englewood and less than halfway through his 14 year sentence.