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The Story Behind #DemocratWarMovies

The Story Behind #DemocratWarMovies

Birth of a hashtag.

Sunday night I created the hashtag #DemocratWarMovies and before long, it actually started trending on the site. I figured I’d use this opportunity to explain how I got the idea.

All weekend, I watched as the Democrats and the media saturated the airwaves with the Khan family who ranted against Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention.

Not to take away from the Khan family’s sacrifice or their son’s service to America, but I found it a bit ironic that Democrats were suddenly claiming to be champions of military families and dead soldiers. Especially after trash talking Pat Smith who spoke at the Republican convention about her son who died in Benghazi.

Those thoughts led me to tweet this:

It was at that moment that I conceived the idea for the hashtag, which points out the left’s history of hating all things patriotic, like war movies.

Before long, it started to take off:

Twitchy picked up the trend today and wrote about it here.

Here are some choice tweets:

Now you know the whole story.

Happy tweeting!

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