A young woman who is a Republican apparently tried to infiltrate the Russ Feingold campaign but she was sniffed out through profiling. Aren’t Democrats against that sort of thing?

Ashe Schow reports at the Washington Examiner:

Feingold campaign outs an infiltrator by profiling her

A young Republican attempted to infiltrate the Russ Feingold campaign but was quickly discovered. The reason she first raised suspicion, however, appeared to be due to profiling.

The Feingold campaign began suspecting that Allison “Moss” (real name Allison Maass) was not sincere in her attempt to volunteer for the former senator because, according to Huffington Post, she “was blonde and drove a big white pickup truck.”

So there are no blondes working for the Feingold campaign? And no one on the campaign drives a truck? Those are some strange suspicions, and one can imagine the outrage if Feingold’s opponent, incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson, caught an infiltrator by making assumptions about the way his supporters looked.

Of course, the Feingold campaign is using this for the favorite activity of all Democrats.


The Feingold campaign is using this otherwise mundane story (they’re trying to punch it up by comparing Maass to provocateur James O’Keefe) to fundraise. Maass had no connection to Campus Reform at the time of her ruse and has no connection to the Johnson campaign, yet the Feingold campaign claimed this incident proved Johnson and Republicans “are scared” and “desperate.”

When it comes to the profiling part, Schow is spot on. The Huffington Post report even credits profiling for the outing:

The Feingold sting apparently fell apart thanks to profiling on the part of the campaign. The would-be infiltrator was blonde and drove a big white pickup truck, which staff said was part of the tipoff.

The woman, who identified herself as Allison Moss, told Feingold staffers that she had been active in College Democrats at the University of Minnesota and wanted to get involved in the campaign. She also signed a nondisclosure agreement with the campaign under the same name.

So what have we learned from all of this? Profiling is OK as long as you’re profiling the right kind of people.

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit had another take on Twitter:


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