The opening segment of today’s Morning Joe was one long fusillade against Donald Trump in light of his remark yesterday that there is nothing people could do to stop a President Hillary from abolishing the Second Amendment, “although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don’t know.”

The single harshest criticism came from Joe Scarborough, who suggested that Trump had “crossed the Rubicon” into fascism. Scarborough said that in the past he had rejected use of the words “fascist” or “fascism” in reference to Trump because he had never made “a call to violence.” Scarborough asserted that Trump’s comments yesterday were a suggestion that “Second Amendment people” kill Hillary Clinton or judges. Concluded Scarborough: “he crossed a lot of Rubicons yesterday.”

Note: yesterday, we praised Mark Halperin for mentioning on his With All Due Respect show instances in which Joe Biden had said Barack Obama would have a “problem” if he tried to take away Biden’s guns, and Hillary cited the assassination of RFK late in the 1968 primary as justification for her staying in the 2008 after it appeared she couldn’t win. But on the Morning Joe set, at least during the first half hour, not a peep out of Halperin about those parallels to Trump’s remarks.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The word, Mika, that has been thrown around many times about Donald Trump over the course of the past year has been fascist, fascism. I always brushed it back because a key element in fascism was a call to violence. I said he never crossed that Rubicon. There was never a call to violence. There was never a call to an armed uprising. This is the suggestion, that if she’s elected President of the United States, the one thing that “Second Amendment people,” which is an insult to the millions and millions of people that fight to defend the Second Amendment, is to kill her, or to kill judges. That is, talk about, he crossed a lot of Rubicons yesterday.

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