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Hillary Surrogate: ‘No Parallel’ Between Trump Gun Comment and Hillary Remark on RFK Assassination

Hillary Surrogate: ‘No Parallel’ Between Trump Gun Comment and Hillary Remark on RFK Assassination

Spin baby, spin!

Late in the 2008 primary season, Hillary Clinton justified her refusal to drop out when it appeared impossible for her to win the nomination by saying “we all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California” during the 1968 primary.

On today’s With All Due Respect, host Mark Halperin asked Hillary surrogate Neera Tanden whether there was a parallel between Hillary’s remark and that of Donald Trump today, who said “Second Amendment people” maybe could do something about a President Hillary trying to abolish the Second Amendment. Predictably, Tanden said there was “absolutely no parallel.” Why? Because Hillary was “talking about a person she had deep respect for.” Right, but on whose possible assassination she was hanging her nomination hopes.

Along similar lines, earlier in the show Halperin cited Joe Biden’s remarks during the 2008 campaign that Obama would have a “problem” if he tried to take away Biden’s guns. When Hillary supporter Donny Deutsch said Biden should not have “taken heat” for the remark, Halperin responded: “if you want to have the the moral authority [to criticize Trump] you can’t look at Joe Biden and dismiss it.”

Kudos to Halperin for exposing the Dems’ double-standard.

Note: this Insurrectionist would argue that Hillary’s remark was more offensive than Trump’s. Halperin himself recognized that Trump was “clearly kidding,” although it was a topic he should not have been joking about. In contrast, Hillary was dead serious in 2008 when she cited RFK’s assassination as justification for staying in the primary against Obama.

MARK HALPERIN: Neera, I want to get back to this issue of what Donald Trump said today if I could. Do I remember correctly or incorrectly that you were with Hillary Clinton on the day in 2008 when she made reference to the murder of Robert Kennedy?

NEERA TANDEN: I was not with her when she made those comments.

HALPERIN: But you did talk to her about what happened, right? Am I misremembering and you were not involved in that it all?

TANDEN: I don’t think I was involved in that, but I would say these are very, very different remarks than what was discussed toay.

HALPERIN: Let me just remind people what she said. Cause Republicans are already bringing this up and I just wanted to give you a chance to respond. It was at the end of the nomination fight, and she was, there was a question about why she was still staying in the race, and she brought up the notion that things happen late in nomination fights,and that Robert Kennedy had been killed late in the nomination fight. Some of President Obama, then Senator Obama’s, supporters looked at that as kind of a reference to the notion that perhaps he could be killed and took some offense at it. So Trump was clearly kidding, I believe. It’s true it’s a topic maybe he should not be joking about. Not maybe: shouldn’t be joking about. Do you see any parallel there? What do you say to Republicans who say she has a history of making the same kind of remarks off the cuff?

TANDEN: I would say there’s absolutely no parallel. She is talking about a person that I think you have written she had deep respect for. In that race she was never, never said anything remotely as belligerent against then Senator Obama as Donald Trump says every day. This takes place against the backdrop of a lot more violence in his rallies, people are actually getting beaten up at his rallies, and people are making chants like, lock her up, and even worse, at rallies, then to make a comment essentially about the potential murder of an opponent seems far out of bounds. And I think obviously Republicans are going to go look at comments of everyone and try to clean this up.


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Here’s the real story about Hillary, today.

It’s disgusting.

Of course ‘Second Amendment People’ are the ones most likely to do something about it! That does not mean killing!

Or … wait … looting and rioting.

Who goes looting and rioting when things don’t go their way?

    MattMusson in reply to Exiliado. | August 10, 2016 at 8:28 am

    Try confiscating guns and there will be blood. A lot of blood. And, the Liberals better realize that it “Cold dead hands” is not just a talking point – before they do something stupid and trigger a rebellion.

Another nothing burger that the state controlled media wanted so desperately to be a major gaffe to bash Trump with. Guess that they will have to try harder next time.

Somebody’s taking Trump literally and is inspired:
Not saying that we’ll have widespread riots or anything, but the crazies are out there.

    Since the article fails to include the exact quote by Trump, here it is:

    Here’s more context in the video, and the transcript
    “Hillary wants to essentially abolish the second amendment”
    “By the way, if she gets to pick her judges, [then there’s] nothing you can do folks. Although the second amendment people, maybe there is? I don’t know.”

    And, just for historical reference, Here’s Keith Olberman quoting her in full and blowing a gasket over Hillary’s real use of the word assassination about Obama, something Trump has not done.

    The 2nd Amendment folks weigh in:

    In some commentary, Hillary refers to the NRA is called “the gun lobby.” Judges are not the whole story.

      Valerie, if you argument is that Trump’s comments are taken out of context (why is he so easy to take out of context?) I’m here to tell you that there are Trump supporters out there who are more than happy to take him out of context.

        What I am telling you is that Trump is being falsely accused of doing what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have unequivocally done.

          if Trump doesn’t deliberately ambiguous, he’s a fool. There is more instances of him leaving his sentences half finished than this one. Are you going to vote for a deliberately ambiguous manipulator or for a fool?

          There is no false accusation, Valerie. Trump’s statement is problematic and certainly implies exactly what it implies. How else would you read that statement? To refresh your memory, he said: “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks, although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.”

          How else is this to be interpreted? That, as his team is scrambling to push forward, he simply meant that “Second Amendment people” have “a tremendous amount of political power”? No one, and that includes you (or it should if you were fair), believes that. Trump’s habit of “thinking out loud” is not only annoying but hugely problematic because he’s got the emotional and psychological maturity of an eight-year-old. His thoughts should never see the light of day unless they have been vetted by an adult.

          Trump’s constant “maybe so, I don’t know” refrain is his pathetic attempt to make presentable and acceptable the completely unacceptable, to make it appear he’s not saying what he’s saying. He did this when he was purposefully connecting Ted Cruz’s father with the JFK assassination. He does it all the time. He did it today.

          Do I think that Trump was consciously or purposefully ordering his zombie hordes to go shoot Hillary or her SCOTUS nominees? No. I don’t think that was his intent. I don’t think he is capable of thinking anything through; he just babbles off the top of his head like that crazy drunk uncle no one wants to sit next to at Thanksgiving.

          The accusation here is not false; it’s clear as day. His intention here may be negligible but only because Trump is a world-class buffoon and moron.

          Your point about Obama and Hillary doing the same things is moot. So what? We already know Obama and Hillary are despicable human beings without an ounce of humility, empathy, or kindness in their entire bodies. Lumping Trump in with them does your side no favors.

          Fuzzy :
          You went on for 6 paragraphs, circled around on yourself, & ended up serving up a nothing burger.
          Meanwhile in the Olympics pool Katy Ledecky & Michael Phelps just won 2 barnburner, 200 meter gold medals. Why can’t you celebrate American excellence instead of trying to prove Trump is worse than Clinton?
          Neither you nor Edge are making the case you think you are.

          I can see where my point may seem circular. After all, we’re talking about a man who is proud to say he has not changed since the first grade (and that, I very much believe to be true). Let me simplify for you, secondwind of the super duper double-top-secret conspiracy network.

          Trump’s thought process (if you can call it that):

          Boy, that Hillary, she’s crooked, that crooked Hillary, she’ll pick bad judges. She’ll pick judges who are bad because she is crooked. Crooked Hillary.

          I don’t know, when that crooked Hillary who is also rotten–haha! I made a funny! Hillary Rotten Clinton! Get it? Get it?? Rodham, rotten! hahaha–appoints those judges, no one can stop her [he clearly has no idea how Supreme Court nominations are confirmed, but then, neither do most of his supporters]. Boy, how bad would that be? Crooked Hillary Supreme Court judges. Wow. That would be bad. Real bad, I bet.

          And you know what? No one could stop it. No one!! She will just appoint them and they will be on the Supreme Court that very minute. Just like that! No one can stop it. No one! Well . . . you know, someone could. You know, those Second Amendment people. They could stop it. Those gun-lovers could stop Crooked Hillary’s crooked appointment of crooked judges. Well, I don’t know. Maybe they could stop it. You know, those gun people who are Second Amendment people with guns.


          So yes, secondwind, he is completely capable of thinking and of course saying something that can be read as a call to violence AND not intend it to be that at the same time. The guy’s a stunted adolescent whose most complex word is “horrible” (it has three whole syllables) and who probably counts with his fingers and toes. He muses, aloud of course because he loves the sound of his own voice, about how Hillary could be stopped without really thinking about what he is saying or how it will be heard and understood.

          There is nothing at all ambiguous about what he implied, but for what it’s worth and as I said in my original comment, I don’t believe he is actually calling on his zombie hordes to follow through because he’s a drooling moron who simply doesn’t think that fast. Either that, or he really was calling on people to shoot Hillary and/or her Supremes nominee, and I just don’t think that’s what he meant to say out loud. Though I will grant that he might have.

          Not sure what the Olympics have to do with any of that, but I thought Fuzzy gave a great example of how Trumpian logic works.

          Another 8 paragraphs between the 2 of you. 14 total. Allow me to sum up what you said.
          Trump bad, unacceptable. People should have listened to us. Clinton will be elected as a consequence.

          There, I summed up in less than two lines what the 2 of you said in 14 paragraphs,77 lines. And that’s in only a particular part of this particular thread. Over the time since Trump surpassed the delegate total he needed several months ago the 2 of you have written I don’t know how many thousands of lines in various comment sections on L. I. arguing a moot point.

          Do you think endless repetition will change reality? To me both of you are only demonstrating your bottomless vanity!

          Simone, Ally, Laurie, Gaby, & Madison, the Final Five blew away the competition in women’s team gymnastics for the team gold. They dubbed themselves the Final Five to honor Marta. This is her last year as director of U. S. A. women’s gymnastics. Teams will be limited to 4 members in the next Olympics.
          It’s a memorable 2016 Olympics so far & you’re missing it. Arguing a moot point. As I’ve said before. If you’re having to explain, you’re losing. Either way, both of you lost months ago. Except if all along both of you in truth have wanted Hillary Clinton all along.
          I’m done, knock yourselves out.

          Barry in reply to Valerie. | August 10, 2016 at 10:50 pm

          The left is proud of you Fuzzy. Quite indistinguishable.

          That’s just silly, Barry, and very far beneath you.

          You know very well that I have nothing to do with the left; indeed my opposition to Trump is rooted in his long history of being a leftist. A history that continues to this day (as he advocates borrowing more money for a “shovel ready” infrastructure stimulus. That’s Obama circa 2009. And it failed then.). His grand plan to use Gitmo to interrogate, hold, and try Americans (against federal law, mind you) is yet another long-held leftist dream.

          At and since the convention, there’s a nice long list of his leftist policies:

          He’s going after Bernie votes, and he is confident that he can get them because his policies are very much in line with many of theirs. Why do you think he had Ivanka babbling about the phony wage gap or about the taxpayer footing the bill for everyone’s child care? Why do you think he’s adamantly announced over and over that Bush lied about WMD’s and that he did so in order to get us into war in Iraq? Why do you think he’s touting a plan for infrastructure that will cost us a trillion dollars, making if far more expensive than Obama’s plan for infrastructure? Why do you think he supports a minimum wage increase (well, some days)? Why do you think he lists education and health care as two of the top three priorities of federal government? Why do you think he supports socialized medicine? Why do you think he opposes any change to the primary budget-killers in our federal budget (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security)?

        Its always the left that defaults to violence. During the primaries, who was inciting riots? Leftist. Obama promised to bring a gun to a knife fight. BLM, the New Black Panthers. How about Obama mentor Bill Ayres? His only regret was not doing more bombing and terrorism. And of course it was Obama that “joked” about turning the IRS lose on his detractors.

        Violence is the exclusive domain of leftists

Of course there’s a “yuge” difference between the two comments. As far as we know, Trump has never actually had anybody killed… While the bodies continue to accumulate around the Clintons. If I were Obama, that comment would have made me sweat!

    It’s starting again.
    Today today Julian Assange hinted as strongly as one could that Seth Rich was the leak without actually admitting it.

We have to pick an amendment to identify with now? Is there one about drinking cold beer and eating cabrito?

    Denver in reply to Old0311. | August 9, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    @Old0311 Yes, your beneficent all-powerful government says you can have life, liberty and pursue happiness as long as you don’t do anything against the state.

Common Sense | August 9, 2016 at 8:16 pm

Yawn…… Of coarse the Crooked Hillary campaign wants this to be front and center. Why…

“Real gross domestic product increased at an annual rate of 1.2 percent in the second quarter of 2016
(table 1), according to the “advance” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the first
quarter, real GDP increased 0.8 percent (revised).”

Because they sure as hell don’t want to talk about this!
The Clinton campaign is nothing but destroy Trump.

    Zachary in reply to Common Sense. | August 9, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    Exactly, whereas the Trump campaign seems to be nothing but destroy conservatism. Or destroy his previous primary opponents. Or himself. A few decent shots at Hillary, sure. But he’s stuck his own feet so deep in the mud he’s got no power behind his swings at her. Trump has to beat (dumb)Trump first then he can focus on our real enemy. So far he ain’t doing so well.

Democrats conflate abortion rites and Constitutional rights. The Tell-Tale Heart beats ever louder.

So, Trump backs the people who believe that self-defense is a human and Constitutional right, and advises them to speak truth to power before their rights are selectively excised (i.e. Pro-Choice) by liberal judges from the Constitution, as they violated the human and Constitutional rights of Posterity before.

Democrats tell people who believe that self-defense is a human right that they should sit down and shut up. However, if you would like to abort a wholly innocent human life, and cannibalize her body for spare parts, then join with Clinton, liberals, and progressives in a final solution.

Oy, what a bunch. Fer krissakes, use a little imagination for a change.

OF COURSE Trump is being ambiguous and manipulative. That’s exactly how he dominates the press. And if he doesn’t dominate the press, the press will dominate him … and Hillary gets to “make history”. This condition preexists; Trump didn’t set up this battlefield, and there’s little point in blaming him for it. It’s not his game, he just happens to play it well.

Trump keeps needling the press and the pundits, and they unleash the “gotcha” squads … who find no solid target. This isn’t pathetic, it’s brilliant. Trump expends almost no resources, and manages to keep his major enemies at bay. Even better, not only are they stymied, they’re doing most of his campaigning for him … and they’re helpless to do anything about it. The good old days, when the candidate who could suck in the most contributions (and subsequently be burdened with the most obligations) which would then be expended in the usual dull, plodding campaign, seem to be over. Unless one is a parasitic part of that industry, it’s hard to see this as a bad thing.

This week they’ve obviously upped their game, and are now publishing pure fantasy as news. Trump is tired of the campaign, the GOPe has a new Super-Candidate who will blow him into the weeds, blah blah. All fantasy.

That was preceded by a week of spectacularly gimmicked polls. Also fantasy.

They’re frantic. I can’t wait to see what depths they sink to next week.

    I’m glad we are on the same page re Trump being ambiguous and manipulative. However, he doesn’t dominate the media; the media plays him like a fiddle. He commands his fans, that’s for sure.

      This is a point that is not made often enough, Edge. Trump is trotted out by the media like the bearded lady or two-headed snake boy to the raucous applause of the curious and dim-witted. He doesn’t dominate a thing; he’s being played. Hard.

      Come one, come all! Just tune in for a few moments, and you’ll hear the most insane, the most illogical, the most ridiculous things you’ve ever heard, and we have it here, LIVE, for you to marvel at. Tune in after the break to hear the Amazing Orange Cheeto! He’s rude! He’s crass! He’s completely unhinged! Tune in . . . right after this break from our sponsor, the Hillary Clinton campaign for president.

    inspectorudy in reply to tom swift. | August 10, 2016 at 1:10 pm

    “OF COURSE, Trump is being ambiguous and manipulative. That’s exactly how he dominates the press. And if he doesn’t dominate the press, the press will dominate him … and Hillary gets to “make history”. This condition preexists; Trump didn’t set up this battlefield, and there’s little point in blaming him for it. It’s not his game, he just happens to play it well.”

    We are getting tired of this lie. Every time he screws up it’s really a clever way of sticking it to the msm. No it isn’t. It is a screwup. His message is now lost in the din of yaps opening and closing just like here at LI. Where is his message about jobs, immigration, and ISIS? He just lost another week of refuting the left about what he really meant. Can’t the man learn to just give a speech without all the quips and funnies? Didn’t he learn anything from the stupid Kahn affair? If this were any other man I would give him the benefit of the doubt, but not Trump. He did it with megyn kelly and Fiorina, Cruz’s wife and several other times that I can’t recall. My son had a similar problem when he became a teenager and I had to drum it into his head to let the last line of his remark be silent. He got into the same kind of trouble that Trump does because of the last funny/smart alec line.

, I want to say those fighting words for everyone within the sound of my voice to hear and to heed, and especially for you, Mr. Gore: ‘From my cold, dead hands!’

Charlton Heston

Enough said.

    inspectorudy in reply to RodFC. | August 10, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    Don’t you ever get tired of the “Cold dead hands” crap? When the cops show up at your door there will be nothing you can do but hire a lawyer. You will not be stupid enough to shoot at a gang of cops on your front lawn. Our rights will be taken away one person at a time. The left has already started it on many fronts and the only weapon we have is the ballot. I own an arsenal but if I am confronted by the law with papers I will have to give it up until I can strike back within the law. BTW, I loved Charlton Heston and his public stand for the 2nd amendment but that does not mean that I’m nuts.

Apparently, Hillary Clinton’s own “2nd Amendment people” have been busy shooting down this poor man, a former DNC staffer, Seth Rich, on the streets of DC, as WikiLeaks now claims that Rich was the source of the leaked DNC emails.

The bumbling “experts” the Hillary campaign used to claim it was the Russians were completely wrong, as the former Secretary of State’s campaign risked inflaming relations withe the Russians for domestic political purposes.

Here’s the thing about the Great God Cheeto…

he makes these pronouncements trying to be cute. Not joking. Passive-aggressive. He’s always done it, and it’s always been a disgusting characteristic.

It’s very like Barracula “joking” about sending out the IRS after his “enemies” early in his first term.

    Passive aggression is so beta.

    KirbySalad55 in reply to Ragspierre. | August 10, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    After Trump wins the Presidency, we should all chip in and buy Rags a lifetime supply of CHEETOS.

    But careful when you choose to eat those Cheetos Rags. You don’t want to have to explain why a certain part of your body has suddenly turned orange.

      I can picture it now.

      Rags putting on some Barry White, pouring a nice snifter of brandy and kicking back for the evening with his picture cache of Eric Erickson, Ted Cruz, and George Will in their birthday suits.

For the liberals to say that Trump is calling out 2nd amendment supports to commit crime, one must assume that such supporters commit crimes in the first place.

Check out the crime rates of such supporters. A good proxy are the crimes committed by those with concealed carry permits.

Needless to say the rates are much lower than such organizations as Mayors Against Guns.

Yet the democrats with bylines, believe the supporters ARE EVIL in the first place. These folks are evil because they are not true believers in their chosen leader.

Apparently they forget when HILLARY SUGGESTED OBAMA BE KILLED?
Gateway pundit have similar examples from Hillary, Obama , and Biden.

timely addition

Concealed-carry permit holders are nearly the most law-abiding demographic of Americans, a new report by the Crime Prevention Research Center says—comparing the permit holders foremost with police.

“Indeed, it is impossible to think of any other group in the U.S. that is anywhere near as law-abiding,” says the report, titled “Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States 2016.”

How many stories of hateful hillery supporters getting beat with tire irons or otherwise having violence perpetrated against them have we read?
I don’t recall any republican group attacking the hateful hillery supporters.

One thing is always clear, the LI neverTrump contingent is always utterly in step with the left.


But they call theirselves “conservatives”. LOL.

Unfortunately the only defense we have against Hillary is Trump . I fear Trump less than Hillary because democrats will let her do anything , republicans will at least fight Trump ., lesser of two evils