Led by a former student, a group called “Cocks for Glocks” passed out more than 4,500 dildos to protest the newly implemented Campus Carry law at the University of Texas in Austin.

Pro-gun group, Texas Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, responded to the protest with their own version of the “coexist” sticker.

The Houston Chronicle reported:

A pro-gun group that advocates for the concealed carry of handguns by Texas college students says that it approves of recent protests involving sex toys.

Students for Concealed Carry released a statement early Wednesday saying they embraced dildo use by University of Texas at Austin students this week, who are protesting the controversial campus carry law. The regulation took effect Aug. 1, 2016, and allows students and staff with concealed carry licenses to bring firearms to campus.

Brian Bensimon, Texas state director of Students for Concealed Carry, said in a statement, “If carrying a phallus to class helps you express yourself, go for it. We welcome this demonstration that freedom of speech and concealed carry of handguns can coexist on the same campus.”

The concealed-carry group even started a web store touting the “Gun Dildo Alliance” with shirts and stickers for sale.

But Bensimon did say that the dildos should only be used for recreational or political purposes while on campus, lest the group get into hot water with school officials. The sex toys violate the school’s obscenity clause, to boot.

“Using a dildo as a defensive weapon could classify it as a ‘club,’ which, under Texas law, is illegal to carry in public and constitutes a felony if carried into a building on campus,” the group’s statement says.

“Although SCC’s (Students for Concealed Carry) opinion shouldn’t be taken as legal advice, we feel that Texas students are on pretty solid legal ground as long as they use their dildos only as expressions of free speech or for the manufacturers’ intended purpose,” the statement continues.

You too can purchase a sticker or shirt from the Gun/Dildo Alliance at UT store, here.

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