A slew of terrorist attacks have left France on edge and one town boiled over when a local park announced a burkini only day for Muslim women.

The group Smile 13, “a socio-cultural, sport, and self-help association for women and chidren,” reserved the pool for the day and said they will allow the burkini and swimming hijab, which laws usually forbid in public pools.

Some lawyers believe “there may not be grounds for prohibiting the event because Speedwater Park, near Marseilles, has been privatised for the day by Smile 13.”

But Mayor Michel Amiel told local media the event left him “shocked and angry.” he said:

“This is communitarianism, pure and simple,” Amiel told Le Parisien, adding that he was looking at banning the event as a “threat to public order”.

Politicians have still asked that someone stop the event:

Valérie Boyer, a centre-right opposition MP, said: “It is a question of the dignity of women, of respect of our fundamental values. The battle of the veil is a visible sign of fundamentalists wanting to mark their territory.”

In 2014, the European Union upheld France’s law that bans the burqa and niqab. They did not think the law violated the European Convention on Human Rights.

But like I said it is understandable why the public do not want this to happen. Two ISIS terrorists slit the throat of Father Jacques Hamel in his church in northern France. Another terrorist drove a truck through a crowd in Nice, killing over 80 people. Last November, terrorists attacked six parts of Paris, killing over 100 people. There was also the attack on satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. I’m probably missing a few because there have been so many. The police have also foiled a few attacks before they took off.