Tonight, a group of armed extremists executed a series of coordinated attacks against civilians in Paris, France. As many as 158 people (as being reported by Fox News at 8:30 pm EST) have been killed, with many more injured. At least 5 attackers have been killed; authorities suspect that as many as one dozen people were involved in six separate attacks that occurred all across the city.

Each of those six attacks have been confirmed by French authorities. As of the writing of this wrap-up, no group had officially claimed responsibility. There are reports from survivors that the terrorists chanted about Allah and Syria.

At around 8:50 pm EST (2:50 am Paris time) French authorities released a bulletin to the media saying that “an unknown number of terrorists are still on the run.” Fox News reported via The Guardian (at 9:50 pm EST, 3:47 am Paris time) that French law enforcement officials believe that all of the attackers are dead.

The attacks began just before 10 pm Paris time, when terrorists fired into a crowded cafe, leaving “piles” of dead bodies in their wake.

French President Francois Hollande was at the Stade de France for a soccer match between France and Germany when explosions rang out from outside the stadium.

Over 100 concertgoers were killed when a group of terrorists secured the Bataclan theatre. Before police were able to storm and re-secure the theatre, the terrorists apparently fired Kalashnikovs into the crowd and threw grenades into the faces of their hostages.

All of this is still developing, and as of 9 pm EST, there is no report of a specific or credible threat against the United States. You can scroll down to see the live updates as we added them during the attacks. For the latest news, the Sky News live feed is here:

Here’s an additional live feed from France 24:

We’ve curated two Twitter livestreams:

These updates were preserved in the order we added them.

This story is developing, but several news outlets are reporting a public shooting in Paris.

The New York Post reports:

A man armed with a Kalashnikov fatally shot several people and wounded seven others at a restaurant in central Paris late Friday, BFMTV reported.

Police and ambulances were at the scene outside the restaurant in the 10th arrondissement where the incident occurred.

Reports on Twitter said there had also been an explosion at Paris’ Stade de France, where the French team was playing Germany.

This morning, Germany’s national team returned to its hotel in western Paris after being evacuated following a bomb threat, The Telegraph reported.

The Hotel Molitor said an anonymous person called in the threat at 9:50 a.m. and the German team and other guests were quickly evacuated.

It was unclear if the incidents were linked or related to terrorism.

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6:20 pm EST: The numbers on this with regards to fatalities are still all over the map; at 6:20 pm EST (just after midnight in Paris) CNN is reporting 60 dead, and Fox is reporting 35. Most major outlets are consistently reporting that at least 100 hostages were taken at a concert hall during an Eagles of Death Metal performance.

Outlets are now reporting on at least three coordinated terrorist attacks.

French police have confirmed that at least two of the attacks were suicide attacks, including a bombing at the Stade de France, where France and Germany were playing a soccer match. French President Francois Hollande was in attendance.

This Vine captured the sound of the blast:

Officials suspect the attacks were coordinated.

Hollande has declared a state of emergency, closing the border and mobilizing the military. He offered a statement earlier this evening:

Fox News is reporting that French law enforcement officials are raiding the Bataclan concert hall in an attempt to rescue some 100 hostages following multiple reports of continued gunfire and at least 5 explosions within the hall.

Perspective: I’m following multiple news outlets, and right now on Fox, Shepard Smith is emphasizing that the French press is in typical fashion keeping this very close to the chest. French television is not broadcasting the storming of the theatre for security reasons. Smith reports that authorities are currently still trying to regain control of the Bataclan; individual explosions occurred within the building but did not bring it down; there are still hostages alive inside the building; the status of the gunmen remains unknown.

Report: one person has been arrested at one of the attack sites. The person who was arrested told the French authorities, “I am from ISIS.”

Report (6:57 pm) that the situation at the concert hall is over, as per statements from the French police. Fox News is reporting that there were three gunmen wearing flack jackets and carrying Kalashnikovs, menacing the hall. At least two of the attackers have been killed.

French police are cautioning against reporting rapid-fire accounts from inside the hall.

Again, a state of emergency has been declared in France. This means that “the state has taken complete control of the nation,” as per the Fox live feed.

7:39 pm EST (1:39 am in Paris): French officials have confirmed that “at least” 100 people died inside the Bataclan concert hall. Previous reports said that 12 hostages were rescued, and the scene is being described as “complete carnage.”

7:44 pm EST (1:44 am in Paris): Hollande is on his way to the Bataclan alongside Prime Minister Manuel Valls, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and Justice Minister Christiane Taubira.

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