Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, walloped his primary opponent, Paul Nehlen yesterday.

A poll released last week showed Ryan with a sixty-six point lead over Nehlen.

Fox News reported:

Ryan’s victory is a blow to the GOP’s populist wing, some of whom had criticized him as insufficiently conservative. Nehlen spent much of his campaign trying to tie himself to Donald Trump, but the Republican presidential nominee ended up grudgingly endorsing Ryan last week.

At a news conference, Ryan thanked the voters of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District while acknowledging “a lot of real frustration in this country” and “a lot of anger that Washington just isn’t working.”

“In times as uncertain as these, it is easy to resort to division,” Ryan said. “That stuff sells, but it doesn’t stick. It doesn’t last. Most of all, it doesn’t work.”
Nehlen won the backing of some prominent conservative figures, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Ryan’s popularity in the southeastern Wisconsin district he has represented since 1998.

This is Ryan’s first re-election win since becoming speaker last fall.

It wasn’t even close:

Trump had originally refused to endorse Ryan and had tweeted his support to Nehlen, but later endorsed Ryan after significant pressure from Republican leadership.

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