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New Poll Shows Paul Ryan Leading by a Whopping 66 Points in Primary Race

New Poll Shows Paul Ryan Leading by a Whopping 66 Points in Primary Race



Who needs a Trump endorsement when your constituents love you? Not Speaker Ryan.

An independent poll released Friday shows Ryan’s with a substantial lead over would-be challenger, Paul Nehlen.

From The Hill:

A Remington Research Group poll released Friday shows 80 percent of voters support Ryan in his Wisconsin primary, compared to a mere 14 percent backing challenger Paul Nehlen, a conservative Trump supporter.
Trump declined this week to endorse Ryan and earlier praised Nehlen for supporting him for president.

Nehlen had said that Ryan misunderstands Trump’s immigration proposals, which would temporarily ban those from certain countries with terrorist activity from coming into the United States.

“The problem with Paul Ryan is his constant knee-jerk reactions to anything controversial Donald Trump might say without completely understanding the issue,” Nehlen’s campaign wrote on Monday. “He’s LOOKING for a way to contradict and criticize Mr. Trump because he knows the liberal press will eat it up.”

Trump responded Monday night, tweeting, “Thanks to @pnehlen for your kind words, very much appreciated.”

Nehlen’s unfavorables are brutal. Only 16% view him favorably while 47% of respondents aren’t so keen. Worse for Nehlen than the staggering 66 point deficit is the small percentage of undecided voters — only 6%.

As for Nehlen? He’s pitched himself as a Tea Party outsider a la 2012, said Ryan “betrayed” him, and seems like a colorful fellow based on some of his ads:

A few months back, a small sample survey had Ryan up by seventy-three points.

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Nehlen was always a dark horse candidate here. Ryan;s district is largely the Milwaukee-Madison metroplex area. The average “conservative” voter in this area is just slightly to the right of HRC,

“A Remington Research Group poll released Friday shows 80 percent of voters support Ryan in his Wisconsin primary, compared to a mere 14 percent backing challenger Paul Nehlen, a conservative Trump supporter.”

Nope. As doublesucks constantly screams, you can’t be a conservative and be anything be a “looser”.

BTW, where is Sell-out Sarah Palin these days? She didn’t even get a speaking slot at the RNC. Should we put her on a milk carton?

It is also interesting that the poll identifies respondents as being from Milwaukee and Madison, when large portions of these cites are actually outside WH1, Ryan’s district. Racine is actually located in that district, but it does not appear as though any respondents came from there.It would be interesting to see how many of these respondents actually reside in that district.

His constituents are mainly white bread middle managers with soccer mama wives with a touch of jungle fever. They all own a Yukon. Ryan is considered a little radical to them but he’s thin and clean so he’s a-ok. Nothing worse than lace curtain Irish.

More b.s. from the democrat/GOPe/media complex.

Remington Research Group = Jeff Roe. Yeah like he did so great for Ted Cruz. Much of Cruz’s reputation as a slimeball — voter shaming, voter lying etc.

Won’t trust it until I see the methodology. I do know that another poll taken about two weeks ago showed the race getting tighter. I refuse to believe that Ryan had a big lead, then a small lead, then a big lead. Real numbers don’t go that way.

I also know that the GOP apartick have been running scared about this race. They wouldn’t do that if this was a runaway.

W1 probably has the most varied demographics of the state’s eight districts. Everything from urban decay to rural farming to upscale lakes country living spread over some pretty diverse geography. A truly conservative, fire-breathing Republican would not survive in this district. Neither would a Milwaukee-Madison bleeding heart liberal Democrat. That’s the simple reality of W1. Ryan is about as conservative as he can be and still represent the constituents of W1. A bit of vanity effect having their rep be the Speaker doesn’t hurt either. So far Nehlen has had nothing to offer the constituents other than criticism of Ryan. Ignoring Nehlen has worked pretty well for Ryan so far.

    refusetheline in reply to Merlin. | August 6, 2016 at 1:32 am

    Paul Ryan has to his credit the continuation of John Boehner’s leadership which started with betrayal to Republican voters immediately following the 2010 election, the walking back of 100 billion dollar cut in spend ending with Aug. 2011 Budget Control Act and 3.2 billion increase.
    Paul Ryan’s leadership started off with Onmibus, facilitated by the Cave-in Freedom Caucus, followed by Ryan having pulled Ryders and kept funding for Obama’s Executive Orders. Ryan’s HOUSE recently expanded the Refugee Re-Settlement Program beyond the ominous Omnibus. To Ryan’s credit, for great assist,,the CDC has given up on ZERO cases of many historic diseases due to Illegal Entries and the Refugee Re-Settlement Program into The United States. Yes, Incumbents are WELL FUNDED for advancing this Republic’s National Debt 10 Trillion $ in only 8 years for a doubling of our entire History’s Nation Debt in only 8 years to 20 trillion dollars. It must of been painful for OUR GOP leadership to help Obama spread 10 Trillion around in just 8 years. The subversion of States Rights, the Abdication of Congress to both the Court and Executive Branch is not a Defending of this Republic. I am a Defender of this Republic, and as such I support Paul Nehlen.
    against the WEIGHTED STRUCTURE of Congress,which is at enmity with this REPUBLIC.

The little bit of data supplied with this poll indicates the polling was done in Madison which is not even in Ryan’s district and Milwaukee which only contains a very small part of Ryan’s district in the southern part. This poll is an effing joke !!!!!

buckeyeminuteman | August 5, 2016 at 1:32 pm

A party divided against itself cannot stand. The bickering between Trump, Ryan and others is going to get Hillary elected. Plain and simple.

Donelle T-wamp will endorse Ryan tonight according to “sources”.

If so, T-wamp blinks.

According to radio news, the Wish-con-sin GOP delegation will NOT attend the T-wamp rally. They find him/her embarrassing. Like a lot of America.

    Merlin in reply to Ragspierre. | August 5, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    A reasonable response to the residual ass burn from Trump’s unwarranted criticism of the Walker reforms during primary week here. Not to be forgotten anytime soon. The fool seems to have not kept track of the bridges he’s burned.

Hillarious. So many Trumpbots are amped up about this race when in reality Ryan is in no danger of losing. Ryan will win by a wide margin and the Trumpbots will claim that he won because of Trump.

isn’t this the same group who said romney/ryan was going to win the state in 2012 or am I (very possible) thinking of someone else?

So maybe Trump will split his time amongst trying to beat Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Paul Ryan. It’s not like he has anything else going on. Oh, wait . . .