You may remember Joy Karega, the Oberlin College Social Justice Writing professor (yes, there is such a position) who, when not helping organize anti-Israel BDS events with Students for a Free Palestine, posted bizarre Jewish conspiracy theories on Facebook.

Like this image of how the Rothschild family controls the world:

Karega Rotshchild Image

And other posts blaming Israel for … well … just about everything including ISIS and false flag attacks in Europe.

[Facebook posting by Oberlin Colllege professor Joy Karega]

[Facebook posting by Oberlin Colllege professor Joy Karega]

She’s not just anti-Semitic, she’s a total whack job, spreading concerns about Geoengineered Mass Distraction:

After her rants were exposed in The Tower Magazine, Oberlin was on the defensive after a long-series of anti-Semitic problems on campus centered around an out-of-control vicious anti-Israel movement.

The administration condemned the comments to some extent, the Trustees issued a strong condemnation, and a majority of professors signed a statement against her, though she has a core of faculty and student support.

She was unmoved.

Now she’s been placed on paid-leave for the fall semester.

Here is a statement released by the college:

For the past several months, Oberlin College has been considering carefully the grave issues surrounding the anti-Semitic postings on social media by Oberlin faculty member Dr. Joy Karega.

In March, in consultation with President Marvin Krislov, the Trustees of Oberlin College asked the administration and faculty to “challenge the assertion that there is any justification for these repugnant postings.”  The College initiated its faculty governance process to review Dr. Karega’s professional fitness in light of these postings.

The faculty governance process that began thereafter is ongoing, and the Oberlin administration will continue to respect this process as it plays out.  Until that process is complete, Dr. Karega has been placed on paid leave and will not teach at Oberlin.

In recognition of the sensitivity of this review process and the privacy of the individuals involved, we will have no other comment until the conclusion of the process.

Does Karega care? Apparently not:

I wonder if Karega will become an academic freedom hero like controversial hate-tweeting Professor Steven Salaita.

I suspect not, because while she’s pro-BDS, she’s not part of the BDS leadership like Salaita was, and therefore hasn’t made movement connections necessary to rally the troops. Also, to date, BDS has been very quiet about her.

Karega is the logical end result of the academic BDS movement. That’s an uncomfortable realization for a movement which, while singling out Jews with standards applied to no one else in the world, tries to portray itself as merely anti-Zionist.

Joy Karega puts the lie to the BDS movement. For that reason, she’s toxic to BDS and likely will be abandoned.





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