#Brexit, the British vote to leave the European Union, continues to inspire citizen activism.

In the US, there has been calls for #Calexit to remove the state of California. The Democrats are experiencing the travails of #Demexit after the disclosure that the DNC intentionally hurt the Bernie Sanders campaign to promote Hillary Clinton.

Now, an international organization has formed with the goal of preventing the ratification of the costly and dangerous Paris global warming treaty that is being promoted by the elites within the EU and US.

Viv Forbes is the Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, which was created to “defend the role of carbon on earth and in the atmosphere.” He has a degree in Applied Science Geology, and Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

As the secretary of Clexit, the organization working to rescind the Paris treaty obligations related to climate change, Forbes issued a formal statement:

For the EU and the rest of the Western world, ratification and enforcement of the Paris Treaty (and all the other associated decrees and Agendas) would herald the end of low-cost hydrocarbon transport and electricity, and the exit of their manufacturing, processing and refining industries to countries with low-cost energy.

For developing countries, the Paris Treaty would deny them the benefits of reliable low-cost hydrocarbon energy, compelling them to rely on biomass heating and costly weather-dependent and unreliable power supplies, thus prolonging and increasing their dependency on international handouts. They will soon resent being told to remain forever in an energy-deprived wind/solar/wood/bicycle economy.

Perhaps the most insidious feature of the UN climate plan is the “Green Climate Fund”. Under this scheme, selected nations (“The rich”) are marked to pour billions of dollars into a green slush fund. The funds will then be used to bribe other countries (“developing and emerging nations”) into adopting silly green energy policies.

The roster of scientific luminaries on the Clexit committee is most impressive, and includes Dr. William Happer of Princeton (whom I have often quoted on my Climate Alarmism articles for Legal Insurrection). Happer offered additional background on the science behind the movement:

Extremists have conflated these genuine environmental concerns with the emission of CO2 [carbon dioxide], which cannot be economically removed from exhaust gases. Calling CO2 a “pollutant” that must be eliminated, with even more zeal than real pollutants, is Orwellian Newspeak… “Buying insurance” against potential climate disasters by forcibly curtailing the use of fossil fuels is like buying “protection” from the mafia. There is nothing to insure against, except the threats of an increasingly totalitarian coalition of politicians, government bureaucrats, crony capitalists, thuggish nongovernmental organizations like Greenpeace, etc.

Clexit hopes to counter climate alarmism with sensible science education and reasonable regulatory proposals, such as this video explaining the realities of carbon dioxide:

Let’s hope #Clexit is a successful as #Brexit.

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