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WATCH LIVE: Final Night of the Republican National Convention

WATCH LIVE: Final Night of the Republican National Convention

Make America One Again: “Safety will be restored.”

Welcome to our live coverage of the final night of this year’s Republican National Convention! Primetime speeches kick off at 7:10 EST.

Watch speakers live and see real time commentary from political media and LI authors. I’ll be updating throughout the evening as the situation warrants. Full speeches can be found beneath the Twitter feeds as they’re available.

The lineup:

Tonight, speakers include Jerry Falwell, Jr., Ivanka Trump, and of course, The Donald himself. Entire lineup is here.

The theme (supposedly) is Make America One Again.

If you missed last night’s speeches, check out our Day 3 live coverage post. We’ve embedded speeches there.

Live stream:

Political media reaction:

LI Author feed:

Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s full speech:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s full speech:

Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s full speech:

Fran Tarkenton full speech:

Mark Burns full speech:

Gov. Marry Fallin’s full speech:

Dr. Lisa Shin’s full speech:

Brock Mealer’s full speech:

Reince Priebus’s full speech:

Peter Thiel’s full speech:

Ivanka Trump’s full speech:

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DieJustAsHappy | July 21, 2016 at 7:32 pm

We’ve heard about various “agains” during this convention, mostly likely some more tonight. The one dearest to my heart is best expressed by:
Tex Ritter – God Bless America Again

A friend found a politico (Dec ? 2015)article about the “pledge” to endorse. it seems the candidates must agree to the pledge in order to receive the RNC voter data. it seems to this lay mind that the missing endorsements (Ted, Jeb etc.)are a breach of a contract. What to the legal eagles think?
Can the RNC cut them out next cycle?

The text of Trump’s speech has been leaked. It is a nothing-burger. Perhaps his delivery of it will be a huge success.

The text of Trump’s speech has been leaked. It is a nothing-burger. Perhaps his delivery will be huge.

I apologize for the almost duplicate comments.

Tonight, if lay your hands on the TV, you will receive the spirit of Positivism from the Rev. D. J. Trump.

Then you too can learn to break your pledge to creditors. Then you too can go bankrupt several times, put a positive spin on it and then run for President!

Then you too can say, “I have such big ideas!”

Sherriff Joe has a nice tie clip. Watch the libtrards go all explody head over it.

quiksilverz24 | July 21, 2016 at 10:09 pm

To all you Cruz bashing trolls, Ivanka opened her speech by saying the EXACT SAME THING!

Oh Ivanka, please shut up, and introduce him.

Get off the stage.


The GOP is now the Trump GOP conservative populist america first nationalist.

The transition of the GOP to the light side of the force is now complete.

That pretty much nails it.

Glad I lived long enough to see the next Reagan. God bless Donald Trump and God bless the USA.

inspectorudy | July 21, 2016 at 11:33 pm

My take away is that ALL of Trump’s kids would be better then he is at this political game. The man is probably the worst speaker I have ever heard. Maybe if he were selling used cars or beachfront property in Nevada, but not his policies. It’s like a collection of one-liners and he delivers it like a list of one-liners.

    As far as a long speech given before a mostly friendly audiences go, I suppose it can do.
    Getting Code Pink there… Really, how did they get there? Don’t they like him? That added a nice touch.
    Nice of him to outline how he intends to send the American economy into a tailspin… Where I agree with him, I already know don’t trust him. About I’m with you… It’s just rhetoric.