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Heavy Metal Band Disturbed Urges Solidarity With Police

Heavy Metal Band Disturbed Urges Solidarity With Police

“Hashtags do not determine your f*cking fate, people.”

My old boss Andrew Breitbart said politics are downstream from culture. When celebrities say or do something, it is important to take notice. Popular metal band Disturbed received honors from the Mansfield Police Department in Massachusetts after they allowed them to use their cover of Sound of Silence in a video.

All the band members expressed gratitude while vocalist David Draiman told the cops they have much respect for the cops and thanked them for everything they do:

“It is a crying shame what has happened in this country,” he told the cops. “You guys give everything for us so it’s the least we can do.”

During the concert, Draiman told the audience before a song that instead of hate and violence they should understand that every single life matters:

“Our boys in blue put their lives on the line for us every single day. You shouldn’t forget that! Every single life on the face of this f*cking Earth matters. Do you understand me?”

After the song, he explained went more in depth about his thoughts:

“Shed some light on these people for a second. I just want to take one second to expound on what I was saying before we started the last song. Hashtags do not determine your f*cking fate, people. You understand me? There’s too many people in this country, f*ck it, there’s too many people in this world who are pitting us against each other. I’m sick and f*cking tired of seeing it. Just look at you. Look at you here tonight. All walks of life. All colors of skin. Everyone is welcome here! If we stop being so divisive in this f*cking environment, if we stop worrying about fucking hashtag we have to follow in these f*cking times, if we only spread a little bit more love, care, and understanding for each other maybe we wouldn’t be in this f*cking mess in the first place.”



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Disturbed did an awesome cover of “Sound of Silence”: