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Fake Out? Hillary meeting signal Warren still in running for Veep?

Fake Out? Hillary meeting signal Warren still in running for Veep?

Second meeting in recent weeks…

Now that Trump has named Mike Pence as his VP, all eyes are turning to the Democrats to see who Hillary Clinton will choose as her running mate.

A recent meeting has people wondering about one particular Senator.

The Hill reports:

Clinton meets with Warren amid VP speculation

Hillary Clinton met with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Friday amid a string of conversations with advisers aimed at closing in on a running mate, according to multiple reports.

They met at Clinton’s home in Washington, D.C., NBC’s Monica Alba reported. The meeting reportedly lasted about an hour.

It’s the second time in recent weeks that Warren has visited the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s home. Members of the media closely followed Warren’s private meeting with Clinton last month after the Massachusetts senator formally endorsed her.

Warren wasn’t the only potential running mate who met with Clinton on Friday.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper also met with Clinton at her D.C. home for about an hour, according to NBC News.

Late last month, the Democratic governor said he “briefly” spoke with the former secretary of State about her search for a vice presidential candidate while Clinton was in Denver.

Some people think Warren would be a good running mate for Clinton because it would help bring the Bernie supporters around. However, many of them feel betrayed by Warren for her endorsement of Clinton.

The other problem is that Hillary probably wouldn’t want to share the stage with another female politician who would take the spotlight away from her.

Hillary Chabot of the Boston Herald points out one other issue:

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s mysterious Native American back story could inflate the voter distrust already plaguing Hillary Clinton’s campaign — and even overshadow the former first lady as Donald Trump ratchets up his “fake Indian” rhetoric.

“It’s like we’re cannon fodder,” said Cherokee Twila Barnes of the explosive exchanges between Warren and Trump that have dominated the 2016 campaign. Warren’s claim of Native American heritage, first reported by the Boston Herald, has become a flash point in the race and Trump has even dubbed the Bay State senator, “Pocahontas.”

Barnes added, “We’re being hurled back and forth, but no one is listening to our voice.”

What’s been lost in the political clashes, said Barnes, is that Warren refuses to release university records that would clear up whether she used her heritage to benefit her career.

Warren, whose 2012 campaign appeared to be broadsided by the controversy, changed her story several times about whether she had listed herself as a Native American and whether she told Harvard Law School and other universities about her heritage.

The senator listed herself as Native American in the Association of American Law Schools directory between 1986 and 1995, a publication used by law schools as a hiring tool. She later admitted that she told faculty at Harvard Law School and the University of Pennsylvania about her heritage, but said she didn’t tell them until after they hired her.

Elizabeth Warren has never been vetted on a national stage. If she’s chosen as Clinton’s running mate, all her baggage will come with her.


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CAn we say with absolute certainty that Hillary will make it all the way to the general election at this point?
And, what kind of deal did she cut with Bernie.
I couldn’t believe he endorsed her as I was expecting to see a battle at the convention.
Hillary has no choice but to seek approval via association in selection of the most popular running mate.
Yes, she has to run her Vice President selection as her big ticket.
What a mess.

Not being from Colorado, I have never heard of Hickenlooper, but the name alone should disqualify him,

If she’s chosen as Clinton’s running mate, all her baggage will come with her.

Dem party bigwigs originally regarded Bill C. a non-starter for the Presidency for exactly the same reason.

Let’s make it a 3- way.
Hillary / Harvard -n- Hick.
Never been done before? The Dems are all about no boundaries, no borders. At this point, “What difference does it make!”

I wonder who’s base Sen. Warren motivates more:

1.)Democrat Progressives that really wanted her to run and accepted Sen. Sanders as a poor substitute.

2.) Republican Conservatives that are correctly terrified of her anti-capitalist, pro-socialism, anti-freedom-to-contract, nanny state stances, given that if Hillary is elected, Warren is just one Stroke away from the Presidency.

I don’t think that Hillary is vetting Warren for VP. However I DO think that she’s being vetted for SOMETHING in a Hillary Clinton presidency. My guess is Sec. Treasury, Sec. Commerce or Sec. Labor.

We all KNOW it won’t be Attorney General, that position being promised to Loretta Lynch as part of the deal not to indict Hillary for her mishandling of classified information. Lynch will then “retire” in 2 years and take a “no-show” job at the Clinton “Crime Family” foundation where she will be paid 4-5 million per year until she or both Clintons pass on.

    tom swift in reply to Chuck Skinner. | July 16, 2016 at 10:00 pm

    until she or both Clintons pass on

    There are three Clintons at the top of the Clinton Foundation food pyramid.

      Yeah, but Chelsea Clinton isn’t going to carry water for her parent’s sins, and will kick Lynch to the curb if Lynch outlives the Clintons. Legacy be damned, and Lynch would have to implicate herself in a criminal obstruction of justice charge to change her story now.

      When Bill and Hillary are gone to that final Judgment, Chelsea’s likely to simply take a 7 or 8-figure job as chairwoman at the Clinton Foundation, and slowly bleed it dry funding her own pet projects, because the donations will have dried up at that point.

      My guess is that the Clinton Foundation goes bankrupt within 10 years of Chelsea’s death.

Rick the Curmudgeon | July 16, 2016 at 7:41 pm

Princess Spreading Bull for VP? I don’t think so; H->illary! is not sharing that stage with another woman.

Warren will never be the VP. Goldman Sachs will not allow it.