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California massacres 2nd Amendment in drive-by burst of ‘gun control’ laws

California massacres 2nd Amendment in drive-by burst of ‘gun control’ laws

Gunpocalypse: Gov. Jerry Brown signs six new laws targeting law-abiding gun owners.

Friday morning, July 1, 2016, California Governor Jerry Brown “gunned down the Constitution” when he signed six and vetoed four of the eleven anti-gun, pro-restriction bills passed by the Legislature only the day before.

Despite the failure of California’s strict gun control laws to prevent the San Bernardino massacre, the California Legislature passed the 11 anti-gun bills to decide whether 15 or 10 bullets in a clip is or is not criminal in a bill to allow for confiscation of previously allowed magazines capable of holding more than 10 bullets.

Another bill will require background checks for ammo purchases. There is even a bill to limit your ability to lend guns to family members.

[California State Sen Kevin de León]

Here is the list of gun bills signed into law:

  • AB 1135 (Levine): Bans common and constitutionally-protected firearms that have magazine locking devices.
  • AB 1511 (Santiago): Criminalizes loaning of firearms between personally known, law-abiding adults, including family members, sportspersons, and competitors.
  • AB 1695 (Bonta): Makes a non-violent misdemeanor a prohibiting offense.
  • SB 880 (Hall): Bans common and constitutionally-protected firearms that have magazine locking devices.
  •  SB 1235 (de Leon): New restrictions on ammunition purchases; creates a DOJ database of ammunition owners.
  • SB 1446 (Hancock): Statewide confiscatory ban on all lawfully-possessed standard-capacity ammunition feeding devices that hold more than 10 round; exemption for retired police

“The now deadliest shooting in U.S. history reminds us why California has to get it absolutely right as we work to prevent gun violence,” Senate President Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, said in a press statement in May immediately following the Orlando terrorist attack. De Leon, notorious for his 2014 bill to paint all BB guns in California bright colors so they wouldn’t be mistaken for real guns, is the author of some of the most inane gun control laws, and recently passed legislation.

“It’s ironic that we are celebrating our Independence this weekend, and here is our government stripping away our gun ownership rights,” Josh Deazer, owner of JUST GUNS in Sacramento, CA said in an interview. His business is booming right now, but Deazer said sooner or later the boom will end thanks to California lawmakers. “Pretty soon I’ll only be able to sell slingshots.”

California Restrictive Gun Laws Won’t Stop Acts of Terror

“California’s severe gun control and anti-gun laws serve primarily to put the lives of law-abiding citizens in jeopardy while doing little about criminals and terrorists who disobey gun control laws,” said Sam Paredes, Executive Director of Gun Owners of California. “The Legislature and governor are opportunists and use acts of terror and crime to pass these laws. It’s crazy to think any of these laws will stop any act of terror.”

The state’s anti-gun politicians are similar to anti-gun lawmakers in the US or in Europe: Those most fanatical about strict gun control laws are also those who support leniency toward criminals. In California, these same anti-gun politicians were fervently supportive of the 2011 inappropriately named “prison realignment” legislation, and the 2014 ballot measure Proposition 47, which resulted in an alarming cocktail of criminal justice “reforms.” But instead of decriminalizing drug crimes, or addressing prison overcrowding these “reforms” have resulted in a major crime wave across the state, prompting many law-abiding citizens to arm themselves.

Letting Prisoners Out While Passing Gun Control Laws

In 2014, California voters were sold on reforming the state’s drug laws with Proposition 47. However, the measure actually reclassified felons with prior convictions for armed robbery, kidnapping, carjacking, child abuse, residential burglary, arson, assault with a deadly weapon, and many other crimes. Add to it the court-ordered prisoner releases as a part of the state’s “prison realignment” under the 2011 Assembly Bill 109, and you have a surge in crime; such as what is already occurring in Oakland, CA which even after Jerry Brown’s eight years on-the-scene as Mayor, the FBI still considers one of the most dangerous cities in America.

Add in more gun control laws, and law-abiding citizens become more vulnerable when they are disarmed, as criminals do not obey gun control laws.


“The ‘Gunpocalypse’ legislation signed by the Governor today will create new criminal liabilities affecting millions of law-abiding people, cost the state tens of millions of dollars in new fees and fines, and eviscerate fundamental, individual rights,” said Firearms Policy Coalition President Brandon Combs in a press statement.

“These are constitutionally-illegitimate laws passed by a patently illegitimate government that had the audacity to attack and criminalize millions of its own people in Stalin-esque fashion. We expect mass non-compliance with these laws and encourage good, peaceful Californians to carefully consider the risks of voluntarily identifying their firearms, magazines, and ammunition to law enforcement officials, especially the California Department of Justice.”

Unconstitutional Gun Laws

“My goal in signing these bills is to enhance public safety by tightening our existing laws in a responsible and focused manner, while protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners,” Brown in a statement. But are these unconstitutional firearm policies? In years past, the Governor has admitted he knows many of the bills won’t pass constitutional muster, but tells gun groups to litigate.

Paredes said Gun Owners of California lawyers are looking at what can be challenged. “And we know there are drafting errors,” he added.

The National Rifle Association accused the governor and lawmakers of having no regard for “proper process” after Legislative leaders suspended nearly every procedural rule to hastily pass the gun control legislation to Gov. Brown before he left for his month-long vacation in Europe. And the NRA promised legal action on the constitutionality of the anti-gun bills.

“These bills make no one safer, they only add another layer of laws that criminals will continue to break,” said Amy Hunter, spokeswoman for the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “The National Rifle Association is prepared to pursue all options moving forward — legal, legislative and political.”

Paredes added another chilling thought: “If criminals can manufacture guns in prison – the most gun-free zones in this world – what makes lawmakers and Gov. Brown think any of these laws will prevent future acts of terror?”


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Time to take down Gov Moonbeam 1776 style!

    There are 40 million people in CA. Literally zero of them are rising in arms against these gun laws.

    –Andrew, @LawSelfDefense


      This is the state of the human condition. The citizenry is pretty much in agreement with whatever government that they have. Most people in CA don’t like guns, they don’t want them and they see them as evil. Their utter ignorance of the importance is reinforced through group think. That is why this kind of legislation passes. The minority gets stomped every time in a “democracy” and truth be told adding the constitutional part of it doesn’t really change things, because if a large enough group of people want to end constitutional restrictions they will find a way. Sad but true.

      fogflyer in reply to Andrew Branca. | July 1, 2016 at 11:59 pm

      Not all of us Andrew.
      I will not be turning in my grandfathered high capacity magazines as I think it is a clear violation of the 4th amendment. Of course it is also a clear violation of the 2nd amendment and that doesn’t seem to be stopping anybody.

      One correction I want to make is that AB 1511 does allow loaning firearms to family members. Your post says it does not.

      Casey M in reply to Andrew Branca. | July 2, 2016 at 12:34 pm

      About 15 million of them vote GOP every election. Many of them live in counties where “may-issue” means “will-issue” and have decent local government. It’s a very diverse place. One solution is to break the state up into 4 10-million-person states. Done rationally, this would result in 2 Blue states and 2 Red ones, freeing almost all of those 15 million and giving the rest of them an easy move.

        Spiny Norman in reply to Casey M. | July 2, 2016 at 9:21 pm

        How about 2 states: Coastal California, from LA County to Marin County, and Inland (Sane) California.

      alaskabob in reply to Andrew Branca. | July 2, 2016 at 1:14 pm

      Proverbial frog in the pot…. the water is coming up to full boil.

Your “gunned down the Constitution” link appears to be broken.

What is that car that Gov. Moonbeam is driving? The picture looks like a Ford Pinto (which is more dangerous than a firearm).

Los Angeles has an absolute ban on fireworks. There is a 99% compliance rate — something that would make gun grabbers think Jesus had come back if they could get it with guns.

And yet every night is filled with the sounds of explosions and skyrocket mortars — things that were ILLEGAL back when fireworks were still legal. And no one enforces the law.

This is a control law WORKING AT ITS BEST! And not working at all.

Well, thank you, California. You have made me even happier that I took my assets and fled several years ago.:)

    Spiny Norman in reply to Anonamom. | July 2, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    Did you start voting loony left liberal as soon as you settled in your new state? I’ve been told we CA conservatives ALWAYS do that. I’m still baffled as to how that happens.

The US stops at Arizona. West of that is North Korea and California. You can tell the difference because Korea has more noodles and California more nuts.

“Pretty soon I’ll only be able to sell slingshots.”

In Massachusetts he wouldn’t even be able to do that.

Slingshots and blowguns have been right out since, I don’t know, forever. Probably since the time of the last great slingshot massacre.

amatuerwrangler | July 2, 2016 at 1:47 am

Almost a dozen new reasons to look favorably at the State of Jefferson movement…

They are magazines, Katy, not clips, unless you’re talking Garands. My son lives in San Diego where his Mass LTC is useless. I hope no one turns in his standard capacity mags.

And whatever you do young Californians, do NOT eat a Pop-Tart into the shape of a mountain that some people will consider a gun! You will then be suspended from school and be lashed with 100 reprimands and be made to write 1000X “I will not eat a Pop-Tart into any shape that concerns others.”) And you become outlawed by California’s Elite Caliphate (CEC)!

You have been warned to check your privilege!

Now! (And here’s the good part!) If you are an illegal alien or a Muslim then whatever you do is excused by the CEC as multiculturalism! Have a nice day!

Time and again it has been shown that gun owners are lawful people with a very low rate of crime while known criminals (the actual crime matters not) have a gun homicide rate in excess of 200/100,000 (as compared to the overall rate in the US of around 5/100,000 and
Never before has there been such a triumph of optimism over reality where these fools think that people who refuse to obey laws in the past are suddenly going to start obeying the law simply because new ones were passed. Worse still, all these new laws do is to create felons out of normal everyday citizens who are trying to be responsible and lawful.
Perhaps they should outlaw criminal stupidity in California, but they cannot for if they dud then the entire state would be imprisoned.

I did not see any quotes from the criminals about the adverse impact these laws will have on them.

How’s CALEXIT coming along? Do Texans get to vote on that?

smalltownoklahoman | July 2, 2016 at 8:23 am

It’s a sad day for California. Hopefully the NRA and gun owners of Cali can swiftly challenge these new laws in court and get them struck down.

Common Sense | July 2, 2016 at 8:43 am

Soon the entire State of California will be a gun FREE zone!

We know how this will turn out! 🙁

Molon Labe

You know things are strange when the ACLU defends guns. People won’t rise up against any transgression if they still have their little pile of shit to hang on to. Savings account, condo, whatever. Materialism has liquefied American souls.

I wonder how the LA Times or NY Times would react if government mandated review of stories and permission was needed to acquire ink and paper or to open up the their internet website connection to more than 1200 baud? When guns, tobacco and alcohol are banned I can see a rebooted US agency… Bureau of Accuracy, Truth and Fact Examination…. BATFE

“Josh Deazer, owner of JUST GUNS in Sacramento, CA said in an interview. His business is booming right now, but Deazer said sooner or later the boom will end thanks to California lawmakers. “Pretty soon I’ll only be able to sell slingshots.””

In Massachusetts, he would be in trouble if he was selling slingshots to the public:

The only rights you have are those you will kill anyone who tries to take them away.

Wait a sec. He vetoed *four* of the gun restrictions that hit his desk? Quick check of the LA Times:

>Vetoes included a bill that would have allowed co-workers, mental health workers and school officials to petition the court for a “gun violence restraining order” for people judged a danger to themselves and others. Such orders would allow guns to be confiscated for a year.

>In vetoing the bill, Brown wrote that he had agreed last year to approve a law allowing family members and law enforcement to petition the courts for restraining orders. “That law took effect on Jan.1, 2016, so at this point it would be premature to enact a further expansion,” he said.

Ah, so he vetoed a bill that duplicated an existing law he had already rammed through. What else do we have on the veto list? From ABC:

>Brown vetoed five other bills, including requirement to register homemade firearms and report lost or stolen weapons to authorities.

Well, a spark of sanity there in a forest fire of crazy. Requiring somebody to register a home-made gun goes straight into “what is a gun” questions with no answers, and requiring the reporting of lost or stolen weapons makes it a criminal offense not to report becoming a victim of a criminal offense.

    Milhouse in reply to georgfelis. | July 4, 2016 at 2:37 am

    Ah, so he vetoed a bill that duplicated an existing law he had already rammed through.

    Um, no. Try reading what’s written instead of making up your own fantasies. You just quoted both descriptions, so how can you think that they are the same?

Considering the incarceration rates of whites and minorities, AB1695, making a non-violent misdemeanor a prohibiting offense, would have a disparate impact on minorities. Shame on Governor Brown for signing this racist legislation.

People think in words; learn their language, and use it appropriately.

In my reading, these are the major elements under the new law:

1. The manufacture and sale of “Assault Weapons” will be illegal in California. A.W. ‘s are defined as any semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine with one or more characteristics such as: a thumbhole, barrel shroud, folding or telescoping stock, etc..

The definition also includes any semi-auto pistol (centerfire or rimfire) that has a threaded barrel, barrel shroud, or the ability to accept a detachable magazine outside the pistol grip. Guns and magazines sold in the future must be limited to 10 bullets.

2. All existing “assault weapons” must be registered with the state.

3. All hi-capacity magazines, for rifles or handguns, must be destroyed or turned into the state.

4. It requires that the loan of a firearm, in general, must be conducted through a licensed firearm dealer (FFL). Owners will no longer be permitted to directly loan their firearms to persons personally known to them, even if those persons are also legal gun owners. The only exception to this rule will only apply to certain immediate family members.

Any person legally receiving the loaned firearm must possess it no more than 30 days for lawful and infrequent use. And all handguns loaned must be registered, and the family person with the loaned firearm must have passed the state test for handgun ownership.

(Other current penal codes reputedly allow loaning a gun to anyone over 18 for target shooting at an official facility or for hunting by a person with a hunting license during the hunting season. These codes might provide additional exceptions).

5. California will ban the sale of ammunition by mail order or over the Internet, or between individuals. The state will require a separate background check for those wishing to purchase ammunition from retail outlets.

A friend of mine is talking about moving – I may be ready to join him.