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Branco Cartoon – The Odd Couple

Branco Cartoon – The Odd Couple

No Principles, No Regrets

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What a mind you have! Love this.


Oh now that’s DEEP! Nice job, Mr. Branco.

This woman – and the NRA – show what pathetic wastes that lox Paul Ryan, the grotesque Mitch McConnell are in the top position of the GOP.

Imagine otherwise.

In any event, Bernie sold out.

How anyone could support this corrupt, incompetent old crow with their eyes open…

Boy, Branco, you’re a prophet! Scary and true. Excellent.
Hope your evening is blessed.

Well, Branco…brilliant!


Yes, brilliant.

Thank you for all the Kudos, it’s Very appreciated. Sad times we live in, ya just gotta laugh at some of it, or cry.