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Bernie Supporters Walk Out of DNC

Bernie Supporters Walk Out of DNC

That whole party unity thing is going swell

After Hillary Clinton was declared the official nominee of the Democratic Party, hoards of Bernie Sanders supporters walked out of the convention hall.

Why? Well, she can explain:

The DNC, a melodrama in real life:

TIME reported:

When the Bernie Sanders hopes of winning the Democratic nomination officially ended inside of the Democratic Convention hall Tuesday, his most ardent supporters took their fury outside.

Sanders delegates and supporters from across the U.S.—California, Wyoming, Utah, you name it—walked out of the arena in protest. “Show me what Democracy looks like,” they chanted, hoisting Bernie signs above the sea of heads heading toward the exit. “This is what democracy looks like.” As the crowd shuffled along, a woman in a red dress said aloud, “They just signed the whole nomination over to Trump.”

In the end, Sanders was the one to make a motion to give the nomination to Clinton, after spending weeks telling his supporters to vote for her. But the emotions of many of his delegates were raw. They were convinced the fires of revolution they’d sparked had been doused by the powers that be in the Democratic Party—a feeling that was stoked by the release of 20,000 hacked DNC emails.

“He made a commitment to run for president. He had made a commitment to contest this convention. He hadn’t conceded. He hadn’t suspended. He hadn’t released us. And he told us that he would be grateful for our vote” said Jim Boydston, a delegate from California. “And then he just handed it off.”

Standing outside of the arena in a light blue Sanders shirt embellished with pins and a “Veterans for Bernie” sticker, Boydston wondered aloud over why Sanders had just decided to “torpedo” the movement. Others also made clear that they no longer felt required to follow Sanders lead.

Party unity! And stuff.

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So all they did was split.
Hey, that will show them.

Socialism’s failed promise. Again.

It hurts to find out he’s just another politician. Never, ever fall in love with a politician, they’ll break your heart every time!

Snowflakes’ first disappointment. How sad. And it’s only going to get worse: deceitful car dealers, lying insurance brokers, swindling money managers and contractors who show up late, smell, and overcharge. [Pearl clutching music sounds] “The horror of white life in the 21st century!”

    Neo in reply to Boogs. | July 27, 2016 at 9:10 am

    The Bernie/Hillary deal (whatever it is) completely pushed aside the “ground rules” and violated “don’t yuck my yum.”

legacyrepublican | July 26, 2016 at 11:23 pm

a woman in a red dress said aloud, “They just signed the whole nomination over to Trump.”

Years ago, in downtown Tucson, I saw graffiti on the wall referencing Gov. Mecham who was in a great deal of trouble over Martin Luther King’s Day and textbooks which referred to the historical use of the term “pickaninny.”

The spray painted graffiti said, “Repeel Mecham.” First of all, you repeal a law and recall a politician. Second, It is “repeal” not “Repeel.”

Obviously, these enlightened and elite Democrats don’t understand the difference between “elect” and “nominate.”


ugottabekiddinme | July 26, 2016 at 11:30 pm

A “teachable moment”: Lesson to be learned?

“Put not your trust in princes . . .”

Psalm 146:3 King James Version (KJV)

Any chance this lesson might stick with a few of these disillusioned Sanders supporters? Let us hope so.

May they be our future conservatives!

Wouldn’t it be funny if Trump is able to follow up his applause-counting ad from the Republican Convention with a boo-counting ad from the Democrat Convention?

Humphrey's Executor | July 27, 2016 at 1:21 am

Did anyone else notice how when Bernie, who supposedly moved that Hillary be nominated by acclamation, that HE DID NOT ACTUALLY UTTER THOSE WORDS. Look at the tape. What did he say? He did not verbally move it. Yet another story missed by the MSM and I guess by everyone else.
PS: I hate how people don’t know basic Roberts Rules of Order. It should be taught in school.

Nice to see that the D’s convention Delegates dress the same as their savages rioting in the streets outside the convention.

cowgirldiva | July 27, 2016 at 7:37 am

I have a HORRIBLE feeling that “they” are going to actually stuff antiAmerican, evil Hillary Hellbringer and her evil, antiAmerican husband, Bill Pervert, down our throats…AGAIN…… like they just stuffed that witch with a capital “B” down the throats of the Bernie Sanders peeps…!!

Here is the spin: Just think about it…..Heaven forbid the first “woman” EVER nominated for president of the USA fails to be crowned Miss White House..! Just imagine what that will do to the country..!!! Blah, blah….blah…!!

It’s Hillary’s turn, people. and we might as well get used to it and just learn to live with a constant FURBALL in our throats…!! THE FIX IS IN..!!! Let’s hope and pray after all the Demoncraps lawlessness and subterfuge that they will not get away with this…!!! Look just how much those demons have already gotten away with..!!!

I really have to wonder what Bernie got to “fold like a tent”.

““This is what democracy looks like.” As the crowd shuffled along, a woman in a red dress said aloud…””

Yep – that’s what democracy looks like. When the majority prevails, as it did in the Clinton nomination, that is what is known as ‘democracy’. Her nomination was achieved democratically.

I am always amused by protesters shouting “this is what democracy looks like!” They are wrong, of course, because their protest is actually what Freedom looks like. Expressed as a temper tantrum, perhaps, but Freedom nonetheless, not democracy.