The Democratic National Convention is off to a great start for anyone who enjoys watching the Democratic Party implode under its own internal divisions. Not only are Bernie Sanders supporters putting on a show outside the convention center, they’re in the hall and making themselves heard.

That’s a problem for the people who control the party.

Blake Neff reports at the Daily Caller:

Bernie Fans Claim Their Signs Are Being Seized At Convention

Bernie Sanders supporters at the Democratic National Convention claim people are seizing pro-Sanders signs in an effort to suppress the heavy support he is receiving on the convention floor.

The allegations began flying Monday night on Twitter just as the Democratic convention kicked off. Many Sanders supporters in the arena booed every mention of presumed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, creating a divisive atmosphere at what is supposed to be the party’s big celebration.

“They are ripping signs out of people’s hands and threatening no credentials tomorrow if we hold up signs,” one Sanders delegate allegedly said in a text message exchange posted online by a friend.

Here’s a video someone shot at the convention:

I don’t recall any signs being confiscated at the Republican National Convention, do you?

Featured image via YouTube.


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